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Tactical Analysis

  • Come sail away: The subject of fringe investigators and intelligence organizations, Abductors are the go-to resource gathering craft for the Ecumene.
  • Floaty feeling: Soldiers will suddenly feel like they're ascending, before disappearing entirely. This is a tell-tale sign that an Ecumene Abductor has grabbed them. The higher rank the abductee is, the higher the reward the commander receives. The time it takes to abduct an infantry is quite considerable, giving enemies a chance to free them.
  • Crash landing: A still Abductor will simply be shot down, since it has no stealth capabilities. Despite its medium armor, concentrated fire is enough to take one down.


Indonesian infantrymen nabbed by UFO
by Sudirman Harja, Televisi Negara Pahit news anchor

Sudirman Harja: Six Pahit troopers were reportedly "abducted" by unidentified aircraft in the Pati garrison yesterday. Wahyu Agung, our local correspondent, is in the border post interviewing Lieutenant Bambang Wiryono right now. Wahyu, how does the local Pahit encampment respond to this strange turn of events?

(*Mugshot of the missing soldiers are displayed*)

Wahyu Agung: Mr. Harja, Lt. Wiryono has stated that the garrison would tighten security in the regency.

Lt. Wiryono: As we speak, more watchtowers are being put up, anti-air forces from Surakarta are moving here, and locals are encouraged to report UFO sightings to us. Whoever is responsible for this, we will not let them abduct any of our brave men further.

Agung: Where were you when this all took place? Also, what do you say about the rumors about how you abandoned your men?

(*Footage of Lt. Wiryono and his men attacking a Guild camp*)

Lt. Wiryono: I've become resistant to Guild slanders, and for the record, I and my unit were busy taking back the Cilacap regency from those terrorists. Though, I first heard about this attack when one of my soldiers came running to me.

Agung: Is he here right now? He could tell us his story.

Lt. Wiryono: He deserted his post and went to those Network lunatics instead. But Pvt. Santoso has witnessed the whole thing, and he's willing to share his story. Apparently, they were busy doing military exercises when a small fleet of purple aircraft flew to the garrison. They fired out a few missiles, but the next thing he recalls were six of them simply suspended in mid-air, and forcefully dragged upward to the aircraft hatches. He tried to pull Pvt. Nainggolan back, but the beam was simply too strong that he was forced to let go.

Agung: Who do you believe is responsible for the attack?

(*Archival footage of WWIII combat in Southeast Asia, namely the Battle of Palembang*)

Lt. Wiryono: As much as I strongly suspect that the Guild planned this typical underhanded ambush, they had missing rebels too when our men went to Cilacap. For me, either it's Imperial or Chinese drones. They've had incentives to kidnap our troops for information, and I've lost count of how many surprise attacks they've launched against us.

Agung: You do have a point in asserting these. Any parting words?

Lt. Wiryono: My condolences go out to the families these brave men left behind. But their cries will not go unanswered. The perpetrators will be surely punished, and we will commit more soldiers in order to prevent further abductions.

Agung: Thank you for your words, Lieutenant. Wahyu Agung, reporting live from the Pati garrison.

Harja: Thank you, Wahyu. Next in line, we have Col. Sutikno in Sabah, who says that his encampment was attacked by 'alien walkers'...

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