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Ace here.
Faction IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild
Designation Anti-Ground
Cost $200
Construction Time unknown
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Work Hub
Ability run like hell
Heroic Upgrade undecided
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Multiple nations, mostly European.
Trained at Work Hubs around the world
Key Features » Ease "headshot" snipergun (Penworth design)
» Brown Longcoat
» Pack of cards
» Detachable telescope
» Superior cardgame skills

- Ace snipers playing cards.

Tactical Properties

  • Sniper for the masses: An Ace is little more then a footsoldier trained how to use a sniper rifle, and is therefore fairly cheap. The mass produced rifles are effective as any other sniper's, but take a longer time to reload.
  • Camouflage?: As Aces are handed nothing different from a brown longcoat, Aces tend to be rather unstealthy. This can be compensated by using them in a bunch.
  • Gymnastics: Since Aces need some distance between them and their prey in order to survive, Aces are known to run like hell everytime enemies come near, essentially covering distance between them and the enemy.