Antupillan Truck

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Antupillan Truck
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Interface Screw
Construction Time
Unit Type Superheavy TeleTank
Produced at Machine Shop
Ability Disrupt: Makes enemy units irresponsive for a moment.
Heroic Upgrade TBA
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Huemul Project
Trained at File:Argentinathumb.gif State's Assembly Plant, Pergamino
Key Features » Wheels (X16)
» Heavy Duty Cybersyn Systems (Surprisingly Sensible)
» Radio Stations transmitting to most known frequencies
» Bomb-proofed Titanium Trailer
» Little Dancing Hawaiian Woman

"Vigilants, roll out!"
"- Battle Cry of Antupillan Operators."

Tactical Analysis

More than meets the eye: The Antupillan is the Superheavy of the Federation, though technically unarmed, its sheer size means that it'll be perfectly capable of rolling over anything that may cross in its path. Over and over again.

Screwed by the Network: The real strenght of the Antupillan lies on the complex experimental communication devices on its back, which both make other teletanks more responsibe as well as making enemy units take longer to respond to commands.

Failure to Communicate: The Antupillan's Secondary allows it to completly disable the enemy's capacity to command units within its range, while this effect doesn't last for long, most of the time it's more than enough to critically change the outcome of a skirmish.

Now, more than ever: Antupillanes are, above anything else, experimental testbeds brought to the frontlines, and as such some Federal innovations make it to those operators who've proven particularly skilled at commanding them, more often than not, these come in the form of experimental self-repair servos, making the Antupillan a much more realiable crushing machine.

Unit Background

Allende’s administration had a shaky relationship with the trucker’s union ever since its inception, knowing fully well that the supply of the country had to rely on their services they were quick and eager to make strikes if their rights and benefits were anything but touched, events that frequently happened during his term, not because he was actually looking to cut the benefits of the working class, at the contrary, the real reason was the constant quest of alternative fueling and powering sources due to the chronic shortages of oil in the andean country which meant that taxes weren’t rare in the quest to bring incentives for the consideration of alternative means of transport, things that never befell well to the truckers union which, prompted and supported by the SaMU meant that strikes were frequent and often had drastic effects on the administration, effectively managing to sway the opinion of the people to reconsider the support of the people’s government. Of course, the arrival of Cybersyn completly turned this dynamic on its head, thanks to the government being able to control the supply and demand directly and effectively, the capacity to evade blockades and make the truckers loyal to the government arrive at the right place at the right time made it so the power that the truckers union had suddendly vanished overnight.

Not only that, but the arrival of Argentina to the scene meant that the practices of peronism were implemented in the efforth to deal with the unions, having a long story of dealing with peoples that’d often oppose the efforths of the government through the means of strikes and content the workers meant that these troubles with the supply lines were a thing of the past.

As a symbol of the new relationship the Cybernetic Government had with the renewed state employed truckers, the decision was made to make a whole new line of teletanks, the King of the battlefield and a shining beacon of the Federation’s cause, the Antupillan Truck, a 16 wheeler monstrosity that’d impose its presence on the battlefield as the largest vehicle the Federation would ever field. Thanks to its sheer hauling capacity, the truck was useful not only as a symbol, but as an mobile base of experimental practice and observation, where the new discoveries and capacities that the Cybersyn system could bring to the battlefield could be tested in situ.

A giant mess of exposed wires, antennae popping up everywhere on the chasis as if they were tumors and various mechanisms whose purposes are better left to imagination, the Antupillan Truck became as much of a symbol of pride for the Federation’s forces as one of ridicule for their enemies, being as much of an example of the extent of the capacities of the Cybersyn Sytem as to its shortcomings, what brings the most surprise to the soldiers that have had to comfront this giant is not just the sheer recklessness of having the gut of fielding this thing onto the battlefield as the actual effectiveness that it brings when it actually comes onto the battlefield. While Platoons have found themselves suddendly uncommunicated, the truck having shown itself to be all but impervious to sabotaje, the exposed wires being as abundant as they are dangerous, with many widows already being able to testify to the fact that almost any part of this truck is a complete health hazard to anyone who may try to take onto this titan of the battlefield.

Be it by design or just pure dumb luck, it appears that the original intent of the Antupillan as a symbol of the new power that the Federation has won through their Alliance with the hardworking suppliers of the state has been accomplished, the giant already having made an (in)famy for itself on the battlefield, it becoming one of the few vehicles available to the Vigilante Force that can cause real dread upon the enemies of the state.

Behind the Scenes

An accepted Suggestion from VolteMetalic. This unit might bring Transformers to mind.

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