Arms Dealer

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Arms Dealer
What're you buying, stranger?
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Support
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Donate Today! (Massive cash infusion)
Heroic Upgrade N/A
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Belfast
Trained/Produced at Thanks to generous aid of Legion Security
Key Features » MX-15 magazines (x6)
» Heckler Manstopper Machine-pistols (x10)
» ADK-45 rounds (x100)
» Combine M1924T magazines (x4)
» Astoundingly spacious suitcase

Tactical Analysis

It's an Arms Race: The Arms Dealer is armed with nothing but his vast array of conventional and exotic weapons, which he doesn't actually fire; instead, he funnels them out of Ireland into various military organizations worldwide.

Money (That's What We Want): When needed, he can even sit down, and request a hearty donation from local supporters, even generating better profit.

I'm Technically Unarmed! Please Don't Shoot!: Despite their statuses as unarmed civilian businessmen, savvy commanders can still order their troops to fire at the Arms Dealer.


"Bullets change governments far surer than votes."

- John Rigby IX, famed Irish Arms Dealer.

There's a lot of revolutions going around aren't there? In the rice fields of Vietnam, there's the Vietcong. Across the sweltering sands of the Middle East, the GLA searches for their enemies. In South America, MIR fights for a united socialist uprising. Let's not even get started on North America, we'd be here all day. What we can effectively talk about are the sheer number of weapons that need to travel between hands, and who moves them. More often than not, it's a member of the Phoenix Front.

To the surprise of practically no one, the Front is situated in a prime market to move weapons in. The very nature of Belfast now means that weapons can effectively slip under INTERPOL's nose, be sold in broad daylight, and moved about without anyone even knowing who the final buyer will be. This system has typically allowed the bosses of the Syndicate to carry on their business without undue attention, but now this plan has bit them back as the Phoenix Front have started to resell their smuggled weapons without a middle man. In fact, it's not uncommon now for small children to scavenge the skirmishes after the fighting to find discarded guns and weapons to send to the Front.

Typically, the Front spirits these weapons to America quickly, often to the Irish enclaves of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. From there, Front representatives are able to funnel the weapons to the Confederates and Network with relative ease, as the situation in America is so fractured that the Allies have more to worry about than some backroom deals in a bar in Quincy. These arms dealers also act as a vital interface with certain factions in Moscow, willing to ship arms to the Confederates in order to weaken the Allies worldwide. While the Front understands, they have also decided to expand worldwide. Rumors circulate of Irish tourists stepping off the brand new RMS Queen Elizabeth II in ports from Columbia to Cambodia to Saudi Arabia, going ashore with heavy trunks and coming aboard with heavier pockets. Known social butterflies, these arms dealers have been known to cause riotous parties in local bars and clubs wherever they make their deals, turning any attempt to listen in on them into a Sisyphean editing job for the transcribers of ACIN.

In the rare times that these men have found themselves on the field (Because dammit, even the sales guys need to see how the product is procured), these men can easily prove their worth to the Front by quickly supplying local teams with quick infusions of cash to keep fighting for that much longer. When truly desperate, they can even call for a massive immediate donation from local supporters with the means, though they typically don't give willy-nilly. The Front can't blame them. Geneva is already wise and searching for the accounts they use. So the Front decided to use the best security system for banking they have, the one bank that would never allow financial investigations to occur; the Mediterranean Syndicate.

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