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Country of Origin  PeruImage.gif Peru
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"My life for Ayllu."

- Auca Runa, preparing for battle.

Tactical Analysis

Inkarri Auca Runa uniform

Kickin' it Old-School: Named after the soldier class of the Incan army, the Auca Runa is the frontline infantry for the Holy Warriors, offing conquistadors with their bolt-action rifles. They also know how to swim,

It's a trap!: However, the Auca Runas are more infamous for their deadly traps, as they are the ones tasked of creating them in the field.

Joining their ancestors: Once enemies get past their traps, Auca Runas can also fall to anti-infantry weaponry.

Red hot shots: Experienced Auca Runas have their ammunition ignited with certain flammable compounds, causing them to singe the targets they hit for a while.


Contrary to what the Network and other conspiracy theorists think about them, the Inkarri Theocracy is even more public and well-known than the Cults of the Hawk and the Scorpion. Of course, the more people that know about your goals to restore the Incan empire to its rightful place, the more people will flock to it. This fact has made them infamous in South American media, where the Argus News Network once had a one-hour special making fun of their clothing and rhetoric and they were even featured as laughable and delusional lunatics in a beloved cartoon known as "Amistad Falls". In spite of the Theocracy's notoriety in the public, this has done nothing but give them even more publicity to the point where many people are still being recruited. Pachacuti Almighty did say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Even before their publicity, their strategies to recruit unsuspecting civilians into their cause remain the same throughout the centuries. In South America, there is not a shortage of people who are introverted, who have low self-esteem and typically feel alone and desperate for companionship, a fact that is exploited by the Inkarri members that often bring them to secret meetings. The spirit of cooperation and community is indeed important inside the society, as initiates are subjected into "love-bombing" to ensure that he or she will never try to leave or even turn traitor to the Inkarri movement. However, it was not until the 20th century that they became bolder when it comes to goad civilians to join them, thanks to new social and political trump cards they employed.

When they decided to come out of the shadows, Pachacuti Almighty utilizes his populist charisma to keep winning over the locals. On all of his public appearances. he spoke of the oppression the conquistadors regularly subjugate the South Americans into, such as the Mediterranean Syndicate and their unchecked capitalism leading to the desecration of cultural relics, how the United Technate suppresses the indigenous cultures in favour of a dubious 'future', to the Allies and Soviets using the continent as a mere playing field to contend each other in. He also spoke of a beautiful, wondrous, reborn Incan Empire where each citizen will live and prosper together in peace, free of any and all foreign subjugation. Because of him, many nationalists, farmers, veterans, authors, entertainers, local tribesmen, and people from different walks of life who want to contribute to something greater than what they currently have voluntarily signed up for Inkarri membership, eliminating the need for mind-altering chemicals with pure charisma alone.

Each fledgeling in the theocracy is instilled with a fierce sense of indigenism and nationalism and sheer loyalty to the Inkarri and everything it stands for. When loyalty to the Almighty, the Inkarri priests and the rest of the Kurakas have been successfully established (whether by psychological or physical methods, with a preference to the former), each newly-called "Auca Runa", named after the Inca soldiers of old, are expected to be molded into becoming the frontline infantry of the theocratic guerrilla group. Each Auca Runa has to undergo rigid training intended to instill discipline and efficiency within them, from learning how to fire and reload their respective 'Macana' bolt-action rifles to laying and maintaining the traps that the Holy Warriors are notorious for. Discipline is rigidly enforced in their training, as shown by mere mishandling of their firearms and trap devices are met by stern words, or worse, capital punishments. While this can lead to numerous defections and outright disillusionment at the part of the soldiers themselves, the results speak for themselves: Auca Runas are required to set up and maintain the traps intended to confound and wear down the advance of the enemy at night, before firing at the Legionnaires, Custodians or anybody who dares to defy the Almighty's will at day (the Holy Warriors only fight when the sun is up, but their traditions do not prohibit defending themselves or setting up traps for their foes). Auca Runas are so stalwart for the cause (to the point some intelligence organizations say they might be brainwashed); they literally give no information to their interrogators, each preferring to escape or be martyrs for the Almighty,

Their actions have led to a disturbing trend that is now frequently discussed inside the Humanitarian Guard outposts, the South American branches of Legion Security, and even the conspiracy communities inside the continent. If anyone asks a soldier, and one will know that reports of Legionnaires being maimed by elaborate spike traps, rockslides trampling tanks and platoons in their path, even the cries of truck drivers and tank pilots being bogged down in suspiciously-looking mud pits are no longer strange to a serviceman like him, as you can see the fear in his face that he might be walking into a pit of spikes unsuspectingly. In contrast, the actions of the Auca Runas have led the Bolivian, the Peruvian and the rest of the people in what was known in the past as the Inca Empire, from petitions to teach Quechua as a second language in South American schools to public support of them not only by commoners, but also by Atahualpa Yupanqui and other fairly and well-known personalities. Regardless of one's opinion about the Inkarri, its members are still poised to restore the Messiah and the Empire to their rightful places and to finally free South America from what they believe to be the 'subjugation of the European conquistadors'.

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