Aukan Jeep

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Aukan Jeep
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Anti-air
Construction Time
Unit Type TeleTank
Produced at Machine Shop
Ability Barrage: Short burst of quick firing.
Heroic Upgrade TBA
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Institute of Tradition
Trained at File:Paraguaythumb.gif ?
Key Features » Reinforced Suspensions
» Experimental Cybersyn Controls (to be renovated)
» Missile Batteries (various)
» Impromptu electrical wirings
» Symbols of Strength (Newen!)

"- Traditional Mapuche War Cry, literally translated as 10 Times Shall we Win."

Tactical Analysis


Unit Background

Warfare is nothing new for the Mapuche, a constant state of warfare since the conquistadors came turned into uneasy treaties that would never last long, turned into defensive wars which in turn turned into periodic raids into the opposite band. Ever adaptive people of course, the Mapuche became very adept at this particular tactic, perfecting these tactics consisting of quick and devastating raids that could take as much from the enemy as possible, creating a whole style of warfare and a way of life from this practice. This back and forth Exchange managed to create a sort of balance upon which the Mapuche managed to form some sort of eatable livelihood, not quite living in peace, but at least managing a sort of tranquility that’d assure them to their independence, even if it was kept by the force of arms. Nonetheless even this wouldn’t last, much like the Native Americans elsewhere on the Americas, they were finally subjugated and forced into the nations of the Southern Cone by the countries trying to build an unified and singular nation state. This unjust treatment was one of the initiatives that the FRAP Government tried to amend during Allende’s first term, the Mapuche would recuperate their territories, their rights would be devolved and recognized as a different nation inside the territory of Chile, and official pardons would be given to those who fought for what was rightfully theirs. At long last, the injustice committed to the Native American people would be amended somewhat, even if it was only on the last country on the Earth.

This of course sounded wonderful, if it had the opportunity to come to pass, however all the advances that were planned, in discussion and about to be presented were all but made null and void come the Invasion of Chile and the change in government into the interim military junta that took power in the name of the Allied Nations, for the sake of national security it was decreed that anyone who’d disturb the national unity and would show signs of resistance would be suppressed with the entire force of the law, this of course did nothing but rekindle the spirit of warfare within the people who were so close to finally achieving their recognition, their reparations, their independence.

It wasn’t a surprise then that when the resistance managed to change the tide of the conflicto the Mapuche were the first to volunteer to fight to defend the interests of the new Unidad Popular and, even more, were the first ones to try and test the first teletanks that were coming fresh from the forces fighting for the ousting of the Allied Nations. It was due to this that one of the first teletanks to come out onto the Battlefield was the now legendary Aukan Jeep, made from the vehicles that were already available in the forests of the Araucania and given the most simple of names, literally the War Jeep, became an icon for the forces fighting for the new Cybernetic Government.

First manned by crude control remote systems, it was a far cry from the modern Cybersol integrated systems that are currently standard amongst the vehicles of the Vigilante Forces, nonetheless they got the work done, reducing the casualties the resistance forces might have had and suiting perfectly to the traditional and perfected by centuries of warfare tactics the Mapuche were so famous for. It was this quick adaptation of hit and run tactics which were surprisingly well suited to the swiftly moving teletanks provided to the nascent teletank battalions, making what was at first an impromptu tactic into the official combat doctrine by which every teletank would adhere.

Victory, of course, would eventually come and with it the talks about the recuperation of the lands for these people would soon resume, the results of the discussions however, would be drastically different.

For once, the conditions in the territory were vastly different, for once unlike the former Allende administration, who they were dealing with was not the Chilean government anymore, but the new Cybernetic Federation, a nation still reeling from the aftereffects of a war that was not yet over, one that was many, many times larger tan whom they were dealing with before, and the talks of the recuperation of the Araucania became talks of the recuperation of the Wallmapu as a whole, a territory that would go from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The contributions of the Mapuche people however couldn’t be downplayed though, never mind dismissed, as the composition of the Vigilante forces were disproportionally inclined onto supporters of this cause and with the conditions the new bloc found itself in having a disfavorable policy towards their new defacto defense forces was a risk that simply couldn’t be taken, not to mention losing the majority of the actually veteran teletank operators. However, splitting the Federation down the middle was also a risky move, with the Patagonia growing every day into a desolate no man’s land whose contact diminished every week, a compromise had to be found.

The discussions are still ongoing but so far the settlement seems to be favorable for every party involved, the Wallmapu sub-state will be created, eventually, as long as the state is still participant of the Federation as a whole, territories will be returned on both sides of the Andes, though with some territorial concessions had to be made so that the state could still cross from the north onto the Patagonia without the problems of entering into private property, and the creation of the Institute of Technology in Temuco meant that the inhabitants of the Araucania had now easy and reliable Access to world class education, the territory now becoming a beacon of progress and a symbol of successful implementation of the Cybernetic System at a regional level.

Some more obscure details have surfaced however, like the creation of a defensive line throughout the southern edge of the Wallmapu, forts overseeing the Rio Negro as well as the Reloncaví Basin, the installation of various military bases and observational posts in strategic locations and the push to promote and secure the adherence of their youth onto the Vigilante Force program, a finer point upon which has been put special emphasis, many have questioned the need for such extreme security measures, many claiming this is a reflection of how the new government doesn’t really trust the self-representation of the peoples whose lands were occupied, fearing that the conflicto in the south would be rekindled, like in the days of the colony, however, the principal looks so far have shown but complete approval of these measures, and the ones that are involved into the deeper spheres of government reassuring that there are no ill intentions against the Mapuche people and that conflicto is not something to be sought in such dark times for the peoples of the Southern Cone, that conflicto is something the enemies of the government of the people, of all the peoples, are waiting for and that in the days to come, what people should really look forward is unity against a common enemy, an enemy that seeks nothing but destruction not for the Mapuche people, but for the Cybernetic State as a whole.

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