Avalanche Air-Carrier

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Tactical information

  • Swarm on the go: The Avalanche is the Ecumene's most potent widely utilized aerospace combatant, but not because of any weapons it carries. Rather, each serves as a mothership for a swarm of "stinger" drones that lash out in huge numbers to whittle down any target they are given. While individually the light hard-light cannons and single light lance beamer each of the stingers carry is best suited for light targets, when the entire swarm focuses on a single target it is rarely long for this world. especially with the weakening effect of the lance guns.
  • More and more!: When really pressed, an Avalanche can sacrifice part of itself to rapidly manufacture more Stinger drones for when striking with as much force as possible is needed. The Avalanche is not suited for trying to control so many drones at once, and so after a time they're deactivated and placed into reserves.
  • Fair weather Avalanche: The Avalanche's greatest weakness is its method of attack. By relying on relatively fragile stinger drones, they can be entirely neutralized by enemy anti-air or air superiority in sufficient quantity, and the Avalanche itself is defenseless when its supply of drones is temporarily exhausted or if something gets past its escort. Long ranged forms of aircraft killing that can strike it past its air cover are particularly well suited to downing it.
  • Bubble swarm: The best avalanche crews are offered a new kind of stinger drone, equipped with attenuated hard-light shields like their own mothership that significantly increase their durability, allowing them to better penetrate air defenses and better engage with proper air superiority fighters.

Unit History


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