Brayton Tank

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Brayton Tank
Faction IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild
Designation Mobile Cover
Cost N/A
Construction Time N/A
Unit Type Fire Magnet
Produced at N/A
Ability Taunt!
Heroic Upgrade None
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Indonesia
Built at Matthews Industrial sites.
Key Features » Forward mounted flashlights
» Flagpole (X2)
» Brayton engine
» Comfy Chairs
» “Insulting for dummies.”, second edition

"Your mother was a blobfish and your father smelled of rotten rafflesia!"

- Brayton Crewmember missing the mark slightly.

Tactical Analysis

  • Bigger is better: The Brayton is a Superheavy tank with low requirements. As a true fire magnet, a Brayton is big, unwieldy and extremely resistant to enemy fire of all kinds.
  • 1000 mm!: The Brayton’s standard weapon is a ingenious spring-loaded grenade launcher that inaccurately lobs a whole batch of grenades out of the big muzzle. These grenades will deal a fair amount of damage against targets, and are primarily meant to hit infantry or light vehicular units.
  • Chicken, Sanders?: When the situation calls for it, the Brayton’s commander can order another crewmember to wave a big Guild flag from top of the tank while shouting slurs. This attracts anti infantry fire towards the Brayton instead of other nearby units.
  • Tyranny of Iron: Tanks, Aircraft and most Naval units can engage a lone Brayton without having to worry too much about its grenade launcher. Ensure that a Brayton is escorted at all times.

”Brayton” Tank – Reservist database.

The Brayton Tank is a design contrived by the Indonesian Guild Rebels at the start of 1969 reportedly as a joint project between the warlords Thimothy Matthews Sr. and Maya. The Brayton is a 150 ton vehicle with the approximate height of a small house. It consists of a simple flat chassis and a large rectangular turret, both well armoured and immune to small arms fire. The Turret can rotate slowly and has a large, flat muzzle which is usually blocked by a sheet of armour. The Brayton is used by Guild forces as a mobile piece of cover, and is never seen without a fair share of Guild forces around it.

The Brayton appears to be armed with a simple batch-loaded mechanism that can lob any number of small ordinance over a 30 meter distance. Some of the more outstanding projectiles reported include Brickston Bombs, Molotov cocktails, broken bottles, a crate of exquisite ’56 scotch, slabs of “Token Dry” cheese, and dead bodies. Regularly, the Brayton is loaded with an alarmingly large number of “Den” Grenades, light grenades meant for lightly armoured targets. The Brayton uses the mechanism to deliver these grenades in a manner reminiscent of a sawed off shotgun. Inaccurate at heart, the mechanism relies more on chance and quantity to guide the grenades to targets then it does on skill. Two or three effective volleys from this system are usually enough to destroy a squad of troopers in cover or a squall recon car. The tank is most effective at engaging clustered targets, and has trouble with widely spread targets.

As the Brayton appears to have no anti-armor weapon, it is useless against heavy armour, and has only been seen to effectively engage scorpion tanks. The tank also has no means of attacking aircraft, albeit a Brayton is never without an escort. Sometimes, rebels mount the Brayton in order to encourage or insult the opponent, usually without covering themselves and waving a gigantic flag. While shooting at these persons is bound to hit them eventually, they do not serve any purpose while waving that flag, and it is highly advisable to tell the Pahit to stop wasting ammunition on low-priority targets.

Engaging a Brayton should not be any problem with your run of the mill mastiff or typhoon. It is not recommendable to engage a Brayton with anything lighter or as light as a Beagle, as the Brayton’s regular ordinance will start dealing significant amounts of damage once it gets up close. Another way is to clear the Brayton’s allies first before cleaning up the tank. Do not under any circumstance waste ammunition on the flag-waving idiots. Survey of the 30 videos so far provided have shown a total amount of 9000 bullets being fired in the direction of the flag-bearer, with none of them actually having any remarkable effect on the situation at hand.

Behind the Scenes

The Brayton will look like a weird mix of Yellow Comet’s medium tank and the Soviet KV Dreadnought.

Industrial Guild

Man-made faction.

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