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Tactical Information

A Bug's Life: The Bugger is the Sniper of the Ecumene, as per Ecumene Doctrine, they are shorter ranged than most other Snipers, they can however resist more punishment, not to mention move faster and move out of danger at a moment's notice.

Jumping Jacks: That's due to the Bugger's natural capacity to Jump. Activating their secondary, the Bugger takes advantage of their Flea-like nature and jump a large distance, either disrupting enemy squads or just moving out of danger in a quick motion.

Bugger Off: While powerful, Buggers are highly specialized warriors, and this is of course reflected on their price. This combined with their relative frailty compared to most other Ecumene units means that they should be deployed with care, as it's all too easy to lose them in battle to a well prepared enemy.

Falling, with Style: Veteran Buggers are provided equipment especially deviced for their species, which amongst other things reduces their strain from constant jumping, this means that they'll have no cooldown between Jumps, allowing them to jump in and out of battle much faster.

Unit History

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Ukrazol Cascarudo Bugger

First met during the Battle of Buenos Aires, these insectoid creatures, most probably of extraterrestial origin, appear to be a servant species of the Entity known as the Ukrazol Ecumene, if our old reports are anything to go by. Little information has been managed to be discerned regarding their internal biological structure due to the difficulty of their capture and the poor conditions found when they finally could be effectively fought off in battle. They do have hard shells in their backs which make them impervious to small arms fire as well as providing natural resistance to impacts from higher caliber and are often found carrying Hard-Light weapons, the few samples that we're currently in possession of are currently being studied to see if they are compatible with Earth materials to be retroengineered into our own L.U.M.O.S line of Rifles.

It seems that their predominance on the Ur-timeline is a stark difference from the composition of the Ecumenical forces met in the present we're currently. (See, Chronotechology and and Timeline mapping for more information, GAF-CHRONO-TIMELINES-001-086 AS OF TIME OF WRITING FOR MROE INFORMATION) Where it seems the Reptilian Grunt Soldiers seem to have replaced their role as the primary Shock Infantry of the entity known as the Ecumene, if the reports from our Outposts in Patagonia are anything to go by. Whether this is due to the Ecumene not being prepared yet for a a full-scale assault or just chronological happenstance is something that still needs further indagations.

Combat doctrine appears to be suited to picking off targets and disrupting squads in a strange mix between Snipers, maybe Light Cavalry of yore and certainly Light Infantry. This behavior has been noted in every iteration found yet meaning that this is consistent behavior and is expected to occur on the inevitable direct confrontation with this group.

When Combating these "Buggers", do not attempt pursue, neither Capture. No Specimens were possible to be captured until the latter days of the Battle for Buenos Aires, any prior attempts were met with utter failure and were often ploys to fool our soldiers into walking onto obvious ambushes, while seemingly nimble, their legs allow them to move at rates faster than any human and most vehicles we can deploy, and by the time we had managed to capture them their numbers were so overwhelming as to make any attempt at studying the specimens a second priority behind sheer survival. DO NOT BREAK RANKS. When meeting these Buggers DO seek cover and when possible position Snipers to target their known weakpoints. Target Shooting is a mandatory activity for Huntsmen for this reason and GAP-Adjuntants to Vigilante Forces must put heavy emphasis on this aspect.

Current projects on teletanks suited to fight off these Bugs have so far been met without positive results. This document shall be updated when the conditions are met.

El futuro está a nuestro alcance. Debemos soportar. No debemos fallar

No otra vez

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