Buzzard Dive Bomber

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Corvid A12 'Buzzard' Dive Bomber
Combine buzzard dive bomber concept.jpg
Faction CombineLogo.png Technocratic Combine
Designation Anti-surface strike bomber
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Dive Bomber
Produced at Aerofortress
Ability Return to Base


Heroic Upgrade Disc Launchers (additional weapon)
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Technatethumb.gif
Created at  
Key Features » MC-9 Monarch Cluster Munition Bombs (X8)
» Hispano-Suiza 23mm autocannons (X2)
» Twin boom puller configuration
» Dizzy Dogfish shark nose art

Tactical Analysis

  • Hello Friends, I'm Here To Kill You!: Despite its odd design, the Buzzard is a surprisingly capable dive bomber that sacrifices speed for maneuverability and punching power for the ability to hit an entire infantry company or armoured column. Its ability to duck and weave to avoid incoming enemy fire while making runs is legendary among MIR and cultist forces alike.
  • 'Have All The Bombs!: While its 23mm autocannons are more visible, the main weaponry of the Buzzard comes in the form of a number of Monarch Cluster Submunition Bombs: air-dropped weapons launched at close range that split into multiple submunitions before they impact the target zone. While not as lethally murderous as the infamous 12.7 mm PKX heavy machine gun or the Bandarilla Mk.II, such 'butterfly bombs' can hit a wider array and number of targets with each run.
  • Oh No, Battery Fire!: Built for different wars than the ones being fought today, the Buzzard suffers from a number of deficiencies: it's lack of high-impact munitions against thickly-armoured targets is most obvious, but it's surprisingly slow speed means it's hard-pressed to get away from ground-based AAA without taking hits and fighters will knock it out of the sky in any sustained dogfight.
  • I Love A Game of Pluto Platter!: Though the pilots don't seem to mind, Supervisors and military economists alike have expressed a great deal of noise about the cost-risks associated with Buzzards diving at extreme angles and ranges in order to hit vulnerable targets. A new form of munition is thus being trialed for ace Buzzard pilots: Falcao-Barbosa Radioelectric Homing Discs, effectively homing cluster bombs which can skim along the surface of the ground to reach nearby targets even at a distance.



- Buzzard pilot, corkscrewing over enemy positions

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