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En namine Patre, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti.
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Support
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Stop This Mindless Violence! (Disables all ground units nearby)
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Christianity
Trained/Produced at Local churches
Key Features » Stole
» First aid kit
» Knowledge of scripture
» Kindly face
» Picture of old boxing days

Tactical Analysis

Martial Pacifism: In keeping with Ireland's religions, the Clergy of Northern Ireland have decided to take to the field in order to help heal the wounded and dying.

Give Peace a Chance!: When truly pressed, the clergy can also call for a ceasefire for at least a short time. This prevents all units that are near them from firing for a short time. Including the Front's own forces.

Highway to Heaven: As civilians only on the field to render aid, the clergy can't be targeted by enemy forces to be killed. Unfortunately, there is always a catch. God protects, but body armor saves lives, especially from flying shrapnel.


"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,"
"Where there is hatred, let me sow love;"
"where there is injury, pardon;"
"where there is doubt, faith;"
"where there is despair, hope;"
"where there is darkness, light;"
"where there is sadness, joy."

- The Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, a common prayer among Christians.

Ireland has always been a land of faith. Even before St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, the druids and pagans would worship the elementals and spirits that they believed were their protectors. So when Christianity did hit, it hit harder than the Beatles at JFK. Even when Ireland was split between British-ruled North and the Republic to the South, faith didn't just go away. In fact, both the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church supported the initial construction of Satellite City on the ground that the massive program would be able to finally put an end to the sectarian violence that had ruled the region since 1921. Even despite the Catholic Church suddenly drawing back heavily on their support midway through construction, the religious of the North celebrated with everyone else when the final buildings were opened at last in 1968. Then the Syndicate pulled their protection away in April of '69.

Even by then the sprawl had managed to hook hundreds on the desperate pull of substance abuse, and the second "law enforcement" pulled back, it was a miniaturized orgy of theft and assault. The most popular targets? The sacristies of the city's churches. Priests desperate to defend their holy objects were beaten down and left for dead, their churches sacked of every object that could be sold for a dollar. In the days that followed a great conference was held between the Roman Catholic bishop of Down and Connor, and the Anglican bishop of Connor. In a two day meeting, the bishops finally emerged with an ultimatum; neither diocese would support the Front directly, but they would become the ones that would save lives.

Since then, the Roman Catholic Church and Church of England have sent medical supplies by the boatload to Belfast, and by extension all of Northern Ireland. Their ordained have become the field medics of the brutal struggle, doing their best to heal anyone that they come across (With an unbelievable wait time for anyone fighting for Straylight or Legion Security for some reason). But their most powerful force is that they still induce that most human of emotions; guilt. The clergy and priests of Northern Ireland have at times been so frustrated by the fighting that they will shout down the fighting with pleas to stop the mindless violence. A telling sign of the conflict has been of a satyr, transfixed, staring as a priest pleaded with it to spare the lives of a family they stood in front of. The family survived.

This has apparently caused the Syndicate to try and start a massive smear campaign against these holy men. They claim that the Front has only redirected the anger of the people, and done nothing to stop the divide that caused the conflict in the first place. They put out cartoons where the villains speak the Irish and falsely dress as priests. Most tellingly, rumors are spread that there are priests in Northern Ireland who carry dual pistols, gunning down anyone who stands in their way. This charge is the only one out of all the others that both churches have argued against; no man of God, no matter how flawed as a man, would ever kill their fellow men.

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