Combine Small Arms and Equipment

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Combine Small Arms and Equipment
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Faction CombineLogo.png Technocratic Combine
Function Testing firepower through field application.
Brief Science hurts

Infantry Weapons

Service Pistols

.45 cal Obregón Pistol

(Historical, sidearm)

Samuel & Slaughter Model 34

Samuel & Slaughter Model 34

(Smith & Wesson Model 29)

.380 cal Trejo Pistol

(historical, sidearm)

Service Rifles and Carbines

Mondragon M1908 Rifle

Fusil M-1908 "Mondragon"

(Historical/semi-auto and bolt mix)

FT M1961 'Tecnocracia'

(Basic semi-auto service rifle)

Trejo M1966 'Carabina'

(M968 Mosquefal/bolt-action)


Winchester Model 1912


Machine Guns

Mendoza RM-5 Light Machine Gun

(Historical RM-2)

Lewis Automatic Machine Gun

Lewis Automatic Machine Gun

(Historical. Autogyro mounted)

M2 Browning Machine Gun


Anti-Tank Weapons

Martins M-68 Anti-Tank Rifle

H&H 'Dynasty' .950 Double Rifle

Drachenfaust FT Rocket Launcher

(Fliergerfaust A/B)

F-C/M-63 "Cerimônia" Light Mortar


Mo-3 Smoxin Grenade

(nonlethal smoke+chemical grenade)

Mo-42 Stalk Grenade

At once recognizable to the unlucky garrisoned infantryman or gunner that sees it flying towards them, the Mo-42 is a Technocratic design based off of the infamous Model 24 grenades used by Germany in WW1, otherwise known as the "Potato Masher". Retaining the unique shape and method of fire, such grenades use a different method of exploding than their forebears: rather than using a high-explosive charge of Trinitrotoluene inside of them, Stalk grenades instead house a container of gelignite blasting gelatin. A pull cord primes the pressure-sensitive chemical detonator hidden inside the grenade, and upon hitting its target (or a hard enough surface) the grenade will deliver a blast of concussive force and mild shell fragmentation.

Mo-42s are considered specialist weapons by the Technate for their distinctive appearance and technical usage: being designed for breaching physical obstructions and barriers rather than for use against targets in the field, they are issued to soldiers only in regions where natural or manmade obstacles are expected to significantly hinder movement. The notable exception to this rule are Protectors, as they are specifically called upon to operate in hard-target rich environments: it is not unknown to see a Protector wading into battle with makeshift skirts of jangling, unprimed Mo-42s around them.

Mo-57 Echo Grenade

(Hafthohlladung. Used by Conciliator urban anti-armour forces)

FT M1967 Grenade Projector

(Manville gun/semi-automatic grenade launcher)

Other Service Weapons

Very 26.5mm Flare Gun


PIT-23 Tactical Earth Displacer

(ultimate combat shovel)

Olmec Nuevo Four-Stroke Rivet Gun

Developmental Weaponry

Manuelluxe Hi-Impact Modelo-4 Projector

Manuelluxe Tri-Emitter Modelo-7 Projector

Becquilar Modelo-8 Multichambered Cyclotronic Acceleration Rifle

Espinola .70 Air-Cored Coilgun

P/OA-X72 Splinar Reticulator

Weston-Radiant Cavalry Coilsabre

Mosquitite-Alloy Blade

Infantry Equipment

Armour and Clothing

Escaupil Battle Dress

(fancy fabric and spidersilk, in layers very hardy)

Miscellaneous Equipment

Trenchbreaker Field Mantlet

MFRB Radio Backpack


Field Ration, Type U

(Fancy C-Rations. Varied, but jellied)

Supplementary Ration, Type S

(WW2 non-food ration stuff. Generous)

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Paradox Fan-Faction.
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