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League Meridazmachs

African League Pan-African Divisions
Echoes Faction
Basic Infantry GorillaQadirShulaTaskmaster
Advanced Infantry GenieEmissaryDeadeyeWitch Doctor
Vehicles Tiurakh Ore TruckSafari TransportTakhar Battle TankMoran Assault VehicleAro Artillery PlataformSofa Cannon
War Derricks Ogbunabali War DerrickBabalu Aye DerrickKoox War DerrickNana AA DerrickAgwu Support Derrick
Scion Project League MCVBondye Besieger DerrickWaaq Sea DerrickNgai Defender DerrickRoog Scatterbeam TankAnansi War Derrick
Aircraft Impundulu FighterUbuntu HelicopterKongamato GunshipAbabil Courier
Bombers Mino BomberGonzo Bombardment CraftDervish Aerial Devastator
Watercraft Nima Transport CarrierZuberi FrigateDesta Patrol CraftMami Wata Submersible
Capital Ships Jengu Repair SubLemanja FrigateIkenga Dreadnought
Special units ArtisanOgun Infantry DerrickAsmaCamera DroneChikobo RiderChicken
Buildings League BastionRefinery PlantDiamond Core StationCantonmentPyramid Training CenterDiamond Synthesis CenterArmour SweatshopWar WharfNaval CharterAerodomeMino RunwayDerrick Assembly PlantScion Project CenterRefractor UplinkMass DiamondizerScatterbeam Devastator
Technologies DiamondsSavantsRocketryWar DerricksOrnithoptersLeague Small Arms and Equipment
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Combine Supervisors

The position of Supervisor is a very critical one in the Technocratic Fronts, even as it is merely another position equal in status to no small few battlefield combatants. Wheras other units are dedicated towards actually clearing the battlefield and safeguarding civilians, the job of a Supervisor is to oversee conditions over the field of battle and relay orders down the chains of command to units on the field. By gathering and consulting various overlays and video scans of the battlefield to determine positions of friendly, enemy, and neutral forces, and sending out messages through subordinates, radio, and animal messengers to coordinate movements and attacks, the Supervisor ensures that forces of the Combine are where they need to be, and that threats can be realized and dealt with before they overwhelm Technocratic armies. Three key facets are considered when promoting a person to the position of Supervisor - merit, charisma, and distance.

Merit is a part of many if not all positions in the Combine, actually, but plays a particular importance for Supervisors. Experience in dealing with large numbers of people, as well as effective communication and the transmission of orders and requests in one of if not THE biggest thing a Supervisor needs to have, and they can come from most any field of work as long as they've managed to gain this merit in some form. In practice, many Supervisors originate from the very military chain of command they are a key part of: While a civilian originated Supervisor may be talented and skilled, soldiers tend to regard those from military backgrounds as more trustworthy or understanding of the way things work, and so tend to exert bias whenever an opportunity comes up.

Charisma is a part of merit, to be sure, but can stand on its own as well. A Supervisor who is ineffective at winning the hearts of their superiors, subordinates, and counterparts faces little success in the future, for they will not be listened to, or asked to deal with the most sensitive (and therefore recompensensed) matters. Charisma comes in many forms, from those who manage to establish a web of connections and contacts on and off the battlefield to those that can bark commands and be obeyed out of sheer stature.

Finally, distance. Even though a Supervisor needs to know how to lead and to connect, they are still ordering men and women, and sometimes even their coworkers, into areas where they may very well die. A Supervisor needs to be able to connect to his or her fellows, yes, but also to recognize the potential of death and learn to prevent their emotional dams from bursting when those people die until they can come to a point where it will not affect their performance.

Much like their coworkers in other fields, Supervisors in fact have an entire entire sub-army of people and machines to directly serve and assist underneath them. Rarely seen if at all on the battlefield, these people instead relay the commands of the Supervisor to appropriate field elements, keep track on the state of the battlefield, ensure proper supply and dispersal of equipment and troops, and ensure overall that everything keeps running as smoothly as possible in the bases and organizational committees so that the frontliners may do their jobs effectively, and vice versa. Much like their coworkers, a Supervisor is a powerful and incredible asset to keeping organization and calm - but, again much like their coworkers, without the multitudes of people and units to assist them, the Supervisor would never be able to handle all that is required to keep control over the battlefield.

Technocratic Combine Humanitarian Guard
Paradox Fan-Faction.
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Technologies BiologyRhetoricCommunicationChemistryHigh EnergyMetaphysicsCombine Small Arms and Equipment
Structures PanopticonRefinery PlantGeobacter PlantWireless TowerRecruitment BlockManufactory BlockNaval PortAerozone BlockMooring MastArchives TowerPropaganda CentreRadio RelayChemical StorageEugenics LabAccelerator ComplexAstrogate LambdaStatue of UtopiaChiroptera Chamber
Defenses Combat StatueStrategic MinefieldBuster HiveAtalaya DeployerWorm BoilDeco WallDeco Wall GateSearchtowerGunner NestField GunMissile NestMortar PlatformPeace Ray
Infantry RuralesChupacabraCustodianProsecuterProtectorPersonnelMediatorArbitratorWardenOrdinatorField TechnicianOutriderExplorerStormtrooperGenevieve
Vehicles Bigfoot Ore TruckAdventure Armoured CarAgouti TanketteResolution LinebreakerMalice TankContender StriderJaguar Assault GunDominion Siege DeviceSovereign Assault StriderGnosis Tower
Aircraft Spirit AutogyroVigilance CyclocopterRaven FighterBuzzard Dive BomberMicrobat Rocket PlaneCormorant Flying BoatCacique BomberBurro Cargo AirshipProvidence Intelligence AirshipUnity Transport AirshipExcelsior Carrier Airship
Navy RiverboatOrchid SloopSturgeon SloopNemesis Carrier SubAxolotl Landing ShipCormorant Flying BoatFlight-Deck CruiserAbyssal Viperfish

Guild Chiefs

Industrial Guild

Man-made faction.

Infantry StrayIndustrialistRuffianCannoneerGamekeeperInventorPharmacistsAceSleuthWielderVictoria
Quantity Martel tanketteTilbury TankElizabeth Missile VehicleMatt Missile Artillery
Quality Hidalgo Anti-AirPenwood Musket IFVButler Battle CarBrayton TankRaider AAVDunstable IroncladMatthews Heavy TankMurrayMontgomery Transport
Logistics Warehouse MICVBuckstock TruckJones Exploration Walker
Mining Facility Canterbury Moving FactoryTurner DrillNewcomen SooterCavendish Support vehicleLyell Geological surveyorSullivan Blockade
Helicopters BaldrickBromwichStation ChopperTrevithick Transport Chopper
Airships Interception AirshipKabula Cruise-missile AirshipTaylor Destroyer
Waste Facility Albatross ExplorerHastings SprayplaneWaste Bomber
Speeder Watercraft Water RatPetrol BoatDredgerDumpshipBathyscaphe NautilusSeacat
Capital Watercraft TrawlerDrake Shoring ShipSeldon FerryAldrich Oil TankerNelson Container ConstrainerCatamaranWhaleBarlow LanderWilliams Missile Cruiser
Structures Guild CenterWork HubInjectorTank FactoryCar FactoryAirplane HangarHelicopter AirpadSpeeder DocksCapital DocksWaste FacilityLogistics WarehouseBunker FactoryNemo Cannon
Factories ArmamentsMaterialsMaintenanceCommercialEquipmentTransportation
Defenses Machinegun TurretGuard TowerSea minesReinforced BunkerSubterranean BunkerGilden BunkerCrow's feetFortified BunkerSettlement WallSettlement Gate
Protocols AuthorityMusketeers!EtherSweet HomboltMurder of CrowsFine FettleRock RaidersSilicon TrialWeight DropTipsy TumblerDrop the PilotScrap BunkerTreshold
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Ecumene Amarani

Ukrazol Ecumene Jovian Fleet
Echoes Faction.
Construction Units Glyph CarverTransmatter DeployerFemtospore Constructor
Infantry Femtospore SwarmGruntDrudgeBuggerProberOgreShriekerDecimatorAkarana HunterSlender StalkersUkrazol CommanderAira
Land Vehicles Drover WalkerJurassic Hover TankFlanker Hover VehicleHacker WalkerStorm TransportMurderer Tank DestroyerDefiler Melee CrusherRipper Building DestroyerAudiopod Heavy Walker
Atmospheric Craft Disc of the InfernoSupport SaucerFoo-FighterVivesector Ground Attack CraftDropshipOrphanmaker FrigateFearmonger DestroyerHorrific CruiserAvalanche Air-CarrierDoomlord Dreadnought
Resource Gatherers Observation CraftParanoia CraftRevelation CraftAbductorTractor BeamerLooter
Navalcraft Aqua-EngineersLiquid TyrantsGrowler Submarinal VesselSnarl Anti-Air Submarinal VesselRoarer Sea-Dominance VesselVagabond Sea-LifterSwarmer Submersible Drone Carrier
Buildings TransmatterTransmatter PlatformInfantry GatheringEnergy GeneratorObservation and Abduction Processing FacilityVehicle ManufactoryAtmospheric Craft ManufactoryWater-Fleet ManufactoryFold Space TransmitterSuperior Energy GeneratorQuantum Computational FacilityWind CatcherSpace-WarperKinetic Bombardment Device
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Technologies Hard-LightLance BeamsKinetic AccelerationFemtotechnologyPower SuitsAerokineticsCavoriteElectron-DisassociationArtificial MusculatureQuantum ComputationSpace-WarpingWiringShielding
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