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Commonwealth Construction Depot

"I need three for an armory."

- Anonymous Construction Depot foreman

Tactical Analysis

  • Feeling Wooden: The Indian's Con-Yard equivalent, the Construction Depot is able to build Commonwealth structures very rapidly compared to other factions, but only because their structures are weaker.
  • Easy Come...: Like the structures it builds, the Depot is as vulnerable to damage from the enemy, meaning that commanders need to pay attention if the enemy manages to close on the Depot in combat.


Though part of the Allied Nations, the production of SPAM isn't the most important priority for India's industries right now. With the massive demand for raw materials and parts coming from the cities and "member" nations, the Frontier Corps is pressed for sturdier materials, and is forced to make do with strong wood and sturdy canvas. While quick to build, they're also easy to destroy (hardly ever do these structures have the chance to be broken down). However, this also means the Commonwealth doesn't need the expensive Conyards of other powers.

The Construction Depot is more like the home improvement store Lowe's, holding quantities of wood, canvas, and other construction implements to build a base, as well as large numbers of hedge parts to be planted where the commander needs a solid wall. With numerous cranes sticking out of it and a group of soldiers ready to build up and out for the Commonwealth. This comes at the cost of not being as sturdy as a conventional Con-Yard, however, meaning a well-placed strike can destroy it if an Indian commander isn't careful.

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