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Map of all Pahit territories all over the world.
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This article (Dictatoriat Faction Codex), or a section of this article, is under construction; please excuse all cranes, dozers, and MCVs in the meantime. Feel free to add additional content to the page, including pictures and templates; the final page may differ from the current page to a large extent.

Note: The following information is only for those interested in writing lore for or of the Pahit Dictatoriat, or miscellaneous viewers who wish to see a run-down of the faction as a whole. It does not deal with lore events, individual members, or otherwise, but provides a comprehensive look at the faction.

Note 2: The information here is subject to revision.

Who They Are

  • The Pahit Dictatoriat is the common name used to describe the Pahit Conglomerate, a former conglomerate of many states founded to protect SEA.

What They Want

What makes them tick?

What They know

How they work




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