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Combine Field Technician

Field Technician
Standard issue uniform of the Field Technician
Faction CombineLogo.png Technocratic Combine
Designation Engineer
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Amphibious Infantry
Produced at Civil Defence Post
Ability Attach Shield (Attaches a small EM Shield to a unit to absorb firepower)
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Technatethumb.gif United Technate of the Americas
Trained at  Mexicothumb.gif National Autonomous University of Mexico
Key Features » Technate Standard-Issue Engineering/Demolition Kit
» Trenchbreaker Field Mantlet
» Blueprints for redoubt construction
» Collapsible submersible (In armoured suit)
» FSP suit (w/welding apron and mask)

Tactical Analysis

  • Building a Better Future: Much like the engineers of other factions, the Field Technician is capable of repairing and capturing buildings for your side. They also serve as defensive support for your infantry units: the large mantlet they use provides cover bonuses and clears mines in front of it.
  • Fortifications and Demolitions: Only Field Technicians can construct the impressively-large-for-improvised-fortification Redoubt, an earth and material bunker-like structure that provides armour bonuses to those dug into it: in combination with the mantlet, a Field-Technician-backed redoubt can mitigate firepower that would otherwise wipe out infantry squads.
  • Workplace Safety:Field Technicians are only more protected than other engineers; they have no means to fight back and will eventually die if fired at long enough. As such, they should be protected, even with their defensive abilities.


"Holding the field!"

- Field Technician.

Behind the Scenes

The Field Technician's suit is inspired by the HEV Suit from the Half-Life series.

Technocratic Combine Humanitarian Guard
Paradox Fan-Faction.
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Industrial Inventor


Brunel, a well known Architect
Faction IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild
Designation Engineer
Cost 1000
Construction Time unknown
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Work Hub
Ability undecided (factory or steamtrain?)
Heroic Upgrade undecided
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Indonesia.
Trained at Work Hubs
Key Features » Basic Equipment
» Creative Weapons training
» Intelligence
» Gilden Watch
» Undecided yet.

- Inventor making a statement.

Tactical Properties

  • I'm an Engineer: The Inventor is an engineer capable of capturing buildings from their outsides using various tools and equipment, they are also able to repair your buildings from the outside, but they seem to take longer on both jobs then normal engineers.
  • Creative Bashing: The Inventor has been trained in an unusual method called "common sense", this allows him to use his various construction tools (I.E. wrenches and gas torches) by assaulting their opponents with it.
  • Can i make it bigger?: Though Inventors often want to upscale things while doing it, they are still capable of repairing Guild vehicles in the field, and are one of the few repair options the Guild has.

Just the Stats

Factory-boon, Fearless, Amphibious
Cost 1000
Build Time 0:10
Health 150
Speed 50
Armour Type Infantry
Tool Bash
Factory-boon, Instant Kill (Infantry)
Range 15
Damage 5
Suppression 0


"Isambard Kingdom Brunel"

"Isambard Kingdom Brunel"
based on survivor's statements
Faction IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild
Designation commando
Cost undecided
Construction Time unknown
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at unknown
Ability Build Steam Equipment
Heroic Upgrade unknown
Dev. Status Lore/Campaign
Country of Origin Brittain (rumored).
Trained at unknown, yet he seems to come everywhere where there is steam.
Key Features » Top hat (fashionable)
» love of steam
» Gentleman's knowledge of asskicking
» Cigars
» Very good sense of smell

- Brunel before leaping in action

Tactical Properties

  • Brunel: The Inventor codenamed "Isambard Kingdom Brunel" appears to fill the commando role in the Industrial Guild, Having a major Gentleman's Degree in Science, Technique, Physics and Being Awesome.
  • Been there, Seen there, Kicked Ass: Brunel is not to be underestimated as an opponent, capable of sabotaging vehicles in a flash, or quickly building ramshackle steam engines for use in all kinds of jobs, including saving people from rogue trains to ramming buildings.
  • Brunel's Fancies: Brunel is able to quickly build a small selection of steam engines on field, by building a small shed, in which he hides the allotted engine, this shed can deploy the engines for battlefield use. Engines vary from small steam transports to ramming monstrosities.

Some of the Amazing Feats of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

- Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • Used a steam train to bash into a Pahit Base, roaring: "Out of the way for Progress!"
  • Rescued 25 people from a rampart train near Medan by building a smallscale steam engine and pitching everybody onto it.
  • Located a Talon Hussar track 20 miles away only by the smell of its boiler.
  • Wears a top hat.
  • On a hunting trip with Genevieve, he wrestled all of his targets to submission instead of blasting them with the Dynasty.
  • Held a armwrestling contest with a Jiang Shi near the Southeast Asian border. Apperently the Jiang Shi won, after which Brunel congratulated him. The Jiang Shi then tried to smash Brunel, to wich he retorted by kicking the mutant in the crotch. The resultant scream of agony was heard by soldiers stationed nearby.
  • Build a steam powered Cigar cutter.
  • Took up golfing against Victoria and won.
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Commonwealth Brahmin

Country of Origin  IndiaImage.gif India
Trained at  
Key Features  »

Tactical Analysis

  • What do I look like, a two-headed cow: The Commonwealth's answer to, well, everyone else and their engineers, the Brahmin are the field engineers that repair and capture any structure on the battlefield.
  • Setting up tech support: Unlike other engineers, the Brahmin can set up a small field aerial that projects an intense EM field around him in a small radius, deflecting enemy missiles and rockets.
  • Not meant for war: Unlike the Soviet Combat Engineer or Confederate Mechanic, the Brahmin has no weapons to defend himself with, relying instead on the sepoys around him for defense. This equipment has the downside of slowing the brahmin down.


"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

- Common responses by Brahmins to faulty radios, watches and other devices.

As a rapidly growing economy, the Commonwealth needs people intelligent enough to work with technology to bring their country up to par with the world. Grand Delhi is already making headway, with fusion power plants and computer labs capable of matching anything in Geneva or Washington. The port of Alang is considered a masterwork of turning what was once scrap into something vital again. But this progress is slow, and most Indians struggle to get by without even light or plumbing. Parents who can afford it desperately send their children off to technical schools and colleges, hoping they can find a better life than their families know.

While many of these newly educated engineers and technicians come back to try and improve their own homes and villages, most are quickly snapped up by Indian corporations or, at worst, Syndicate companies that quickly take them to the Lemuria Sprawl. The few that remain are posted within the government, desperately shoring up the straining infrastructure of the Commonwealth everywhere from Mumbai to Karachi. The ones leftover from this are typically posted in the Frontier Corps as "civilian contractors".

There is little civilian work involved, however. Brahmins are often the most tempting targets for enemies of the Commonwealth. From GLA kidnappers to Chinese courtesans, bramins are seen as a treasure trove waiting to be broken open. Unarmed as they are, it's with good reason that most leaders of the Frontier Corps never send them out alone. Thankfully, there are always enough men to move with the brahmin they're assigned to guard, and are usually thankful to be around him for two reasons. One, most brahmins move slowly, meaning they aren't usually at the forefront of any combat. The second is that brahmins carry a massive EM generator on the field. When deployed, enemy targeting systems, missiles, and rockets typically go flying in every direction than where they're aimed.

The majority of brahmins are typically more idealistic than the average sepoy. They do believe that the Commonwealth is capable of great good, and act as the best representatives of the Commonwealth's advancement to the local population where they wind up. They aren't fooled by the grandiose propaganda put out by their leaders, but they are capable of showing great hope when the sepoys around them are typically cursing ever joining up. Other brahmins are typically right there beside the sepoys, bitter that they weren't snapped up by a company of civil service and are instead hiking through hell with a second-rate radio aerial on their backs.

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