Escape Helicopter

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Escape Helicopter
Look down at that super grass
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Transport
Construction Time
Unit Type Transport helicopter
Produced at Pub
Ability Disembark
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Republic of Ireland
Trained/Produced at Dublin Airport
Key Features » Passenger seats (x3)
» Cameras (For aerial photography)
» Fake papers (Minister of Defense)
» Broken radio (Reason for lack of communication)
» Rifle racks

Tactical Analysis

  • It must've been a bird: Flying at insanely low heights to rescue their brothers, the Escape Helicopter can fly under enemy radar to grab members of the Front in trouble or danger of capture and spirit them away to safe areas.
  • What weapons: Unarmed and totally incapable of anything other than moving very fast and stealthily, the escape helicopter are typically only sent in one at a time given how expensive they are to use. Needless to say, they can't gain experience either.


"Hear it ring, on the air
It's the voice of my country so fair
Oh, can't you feel, oh, can't you see
The Phoenix Front will set them free"

- Phoenix Front supporters from Galway singing inside a fleeing Escape Helicopter.

To the surprise of no one, it was found that the Phoenix Front had many sympathizers to the south in the Republic of Ireland. Typically old republican fighters who quickly joined with the nascent Front, they did their best to support their new brothers and sisters to the North. This resulted in the Republic of Ireland quickly setting out to find, charge, and arrest anyone guilty of supporting the Front. Several dozen were found and arrested quite rapidly, the Allies applauding the arrests with the general tone that the Front was not even welcome in the Republic, so how could it stand a chance in Northern Ireland. The fact that the special court they were tried in had no jury, and that any Front member refused to recognize the Allied-affiliated court, resulted in massive scores of sentencing. The Front's support command in the South was effectively castrated, and desperation resulted in a daring escape plan.

Using a hired-then-hijacked civilian sightseeing helicopter, the Front flew in low over Mountjoy Prison where the majority of Front prisoners were held. To the disbelief of the guards and joy of the prisoners, the helicopter took aboard three men and took off, the dumbstruck guards left to watch and meekly call in the escape. The Front in Northern Ireland were not only impressed (and had a possible new plan to go after AN Prison Maze), they quickly started calling out to any helicopter pilots with possible sympathies. To their delight, more than a few became willing members of the Front, and a new special branch of the Front was formed.

Now called in whenever a quick getaway is needed, the escape helicopters of the Front are used for one reason; get people the hell out of a bad situation. Small, fast, and able to fly below radar, the escape helicopters are ready to move in fast into a skirmish, evacuate whoever needs to be evacuated, and stay around in case they need another go. Margaret Thatcher has publicly offered no comment, but anonymous comments taken from a source in the parliament have stated, "I suppose this makes them think they rate POW status."

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