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These pages are detail for people interested in writing about the Echoes Universe. It is not well laid out, it is not pretty, and it's got none of the fun or flavour of the lore proper. It's boring technical stuff you'll be able to see in more interesting form elsewhere on the wiki. If you aren't sure if you should read em, don't.'

The Documents for the Major Powers

General Setting Details

League Faction Lexicon

Combine Faction Bible

Guild Faction Encyclopedia

Contingent Faction Poster

Unionists Faction Paper

Commonwealth Faction Sutra

Federation Faction File

Ecumene Faction Starlog

The Documents of the Minor Powers

Dictatoriat Faction Codex

Mongolian Faction Flyer

Theocracy Faction Brochure

MIR Faction Leaflet

Network Faction Tract

Front Faction Article

Coalition Faction Pamphlet

Government Faction Handbook

Major Faction Bibles

General Setting DetailsLeague Faction LexiconCombine Faction BibleGuild Faction EncyclopediaContingent Faction PosterUnionist Faction PaperCommonwealth Faction SutraFederation Faction FileEcumene Faction Starlog

Minor Faction Bibles

Dictatoriat Faction CodexMongolian Faction FlyerTheocracy Faction BrochureMIR Faction LeafletFront Faction ArticleNetwork Faction TractCoalition Faction PamphletGovernment Faction Handbook