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Lady Genevieve Bernice Alexandra LeHunts
Faction CombineLogo.png Technocratic Combine
Designation Commando
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Cavalry
Produced at Department
Ability Charge!
(Buff to speed and switches to melee for several seconds. Buffs nearby cavalry)
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Brazilthumb.gif Brazil
Trained at  LeHunts Family Estate, Ouro Preto
Key Features » Customized 'Dynasty' elephant gun
» Weston-Radiant cavalry coilsabre
» Personalized body-armor
» Arachnid Mount (Charlotte)
» Finest sealskin leather gloves

Tactical Analysis

  • Hunter of Men: Rich, bored, and a crack hand with a horse or a gun, Lady Genevieve Bernice Alexanda LeHunts - often known just as Genevieve - is no ordinary Pacifica mercenary. With her uniquely specialized elephant gun firing custom-made explosive .950 rounds, Genevieve can tackle infantry and ground vehicles alike at great distances, all while riding her Brazilian Wandering Spider mount Charlotte.
  • The Most Dangerous Game: Smart opponents who try to close the distance are not immune to reprisal either, for when pressed Genevieve may sound a cavalry charge! Switching to her cavalry sabre, Genevieve gains a large bonus to speed and attack speed as well as extends those buffs to nearby cavalry units who follow her.
  • Up the River: Though some would mutter her attitude is the worst offender, there are some pitfalls to Genevieve on the field. Her gun is powerful but slow-firing and cannot target aircraft, while her secondary can put her into danger of closer ranged weapon systems. In addition, the spider refuses to swim, and Genevieve refuses to be away from the spider, so crossing oceans must be done through use of at least three infantry transport slots.
  • Heart of Darkness:


"The most dangerous game is humanity after all!"

- Genevieve, on why she rides with the Humanitarian Guard. }}

Amongst the ranks of ordinary people trying to defend their nation, mechanics and scientists in various states of insanity, tacticians of the future and soldiers of the past, humanoid mechanical men and biologically terrifying abominations, there is one soldier that stands out in her oddity. Her background, her attitude, her upbringing...none of these would properly explain why Lady Genevieve Bernice Alexandra LeHunts rides into battle alongside soldiers, Pacifica mercenaries, and fellow equestrians for the United Technate and the Technocratic Combine.

Genevieve was born into a life of wealth and plenty. A member of the LeHunts bloodline, her family had made itself rich and very successful during the mid-1800s by managing to buy the land of what would later become the Morro Velho gold mines, eventually becoming key players in Brazilian politics and economic power plays. As a result, Lady Genevieve was always well provided for - only the finest of materials for toys and bedroom decor, a veritable mansion to live and play in, regular trips to exotic locals, nothing was beyond reach for the LeHunts heiress. Whatever she expressed interest in was promptly provided for her, using the best materials, equipment, and tutors available. With this much power and privilege in her grasp, Genevieve could become whoever she wanted to be. But while her fellow friends at private schools took up golfing, swimming, or gardening, Genevieve found her true calling elsewhere - in the noble art of hunting.

Starting out with nothing more than an air rifle and small game in the woods and fields around family homes and progressing all the way to hunting elephants in Africa and grizzly bears in Canada, Genevieve would gain a correctly-deserved reputation as a crack shot and expert tracker and stalker. While nowhere as near experienced as true military-grade snipers or trackers, the heiress made up for it with extensive training by experts in the field of equestrian riding, marksmanship, firearms, tracking, killing, and cooking, the best equipment and materials money could buy, and in time her own knoweledge about the subject. While some disapproved of such an unseemly activity for the heiress of the LeHunts inheritance, no one could deny that Genevieve was good at what she loved - perhaps a little too much. While her aristocratic personality wasn't diminished in any way, rumors spread of Lady Genevieve taking a certain glee and even joy whenever she was in the saddle, preparing to end the life of some unfortunate gorilla six hundred yards distant with her ornately decorated, extensively modified, custom-specialized elephant gun referred to with affection as "Big Daddy".

In another world, this might have remained a simple hobby, eventually diminishing as the years went by and Genevieve would be forced into a more active involvement with the companies and political games of the LeHunts bloodline. But Lord Waldorf Blackhelm Dmitri LeHunts was a member of the Columbia Future Society, and while perhaps not friends, was certainly aquainted with one Ms. Amanda Diwali, founder of the Pacifica Securities Incorporated group currently stationed in South America and another member of the Society. Recognizing Genevieve's fascination and expertise with hunting, he used both connections and political allegiance in order to allow Genevieve the offer to join up with Pacifica and hone her skills, if she so wished. Genevieve, bored with the growing easiness of the game she hunted and eager at the idea of hunting the so-called 'most dangerous game' - humans - in a legal setting, accepted the offer almost instantaneously.

When the Schism occured, Lord LeHunts wasn't particularly swayed towards one side or the other - however, the deals made with Diwali tipped his hand towards the Activists, and just as he joined up with the members who would come to form the Combine so too did Genevieve ride along with Pacifica to the defense and security of the Technate and other friendly countries. Serving first as a cavalryman, then as a horse-riding sniper, and then as her own special unit, Genevieve would rise in fame and ranks within Pacifica for her skill and precision, until finally she was given her own command and role within Pacifica and the Humanitarian Guard as a whole. This allowed her even greater power than had been alloted her as the LeHunts heiress - when a Brazilian Wandering Spider accidentally underwent the same mutations and serums that created the Giant Ants, it was Genevieve who managed to 'tame' it and subsequently requisition it as her personal mount whenever she rode into battle.

Now, to face Lady Genevieve Bertrice Alexandra LeHunts in battle is a nightmare for most soldiers, for in the field she combines the worst elements of mounted cavalry and hunter. On the near-silent legs of her riding spider Charlotte, Genevieve stalks the battlefields of America and beyond, her customized .950 'Dynasty' rifle vaporizing infantry where they stand and smashing clean through vehicle plating as easily as a tank gun. But even that is a blessing compared to trying to attack her up close, whisper some veterans of encounters with her, for it is then that she will draw her cavalry sabre and cut a swathe of bloody vengeance through any enemies in her path, urging other cavalry and Charlotee on even faster as she slashes and vaporizes and burns all around her. Such a sight - of Lady Genevieve verbally castigating her foes even as Charlotte brings the head and upper torso of an unfortunate within her maw and the sizzling blood from the sabre's cuts spatter upon the commando's gold and leather uniform - are enough to shake even the sturdiest soldier's mind.

And yet, even with her joy for the hunt and lust for blood, Genevieve is still recognizably the LeHunts heiress among Humanitarian Guard troops, casually ordering lessers around at whim and demanding quality food, entertainment, and accomodations when off the field. This causes more than a little grumbling amongst the troops, but not as much as would be expected: on the field, Genevieve forsakes rank and class for battle and the hunt, and many of those grumbling would take a bullet meant for Genevieve when they know the enemy will be getting far, far worse back in return.

Known Activities

- In a Cameroon hunting expedition, shot down a mutated "killer elephant" within ten minutes of first contact, though a celebratory trophy picture could not be taken due to Charlotte starting to eat the corpse.

- Secretly infiltrated a Monument Missile Cruiser inside a large freight package of bananas. Once aboard, proceded to kill the captain and most of the crew, leaving the cruiser adrift for over a month and unable to interfere with Combine naval actions in the Atlantic.

- Was interrupted by a Chinese teleporter assault whilst in the middle of a high society party along with fellow socialite Victoria. The two commandos proceeded to decimate the assault force before returning to the party, though Genevieve refused to get rid of the Juwuba head she picked up as a trophy.

- Faced off against a Templar Champion riding a steam motorcycle in blade-to-blade combat for several minutes, somehow managing to inexplicably end with Genevieve decapitating the Champion whilst jumping off the wings of a Samael Assault Plane that was crashing into a Phoenix Interceptor.

- Completely destroyed a MIR cell by going inside a large compound reputed to be a fortress for the guerrillas and 'surrendering' to the MIR, while actually marking the compound as a target for Cacique bombing. She promptly escaped the compound before the guerrillas inside realize what's actually happening and before the Cacique utterly bombed the building.

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