Guarani Armored Car

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Guarani Armoured Car/Camión Blindado Guaraní
Guarani Render
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Bullet Sponge
Construction Time
Unit Type Cavalry
Produced at Machine Shop
Ability Lay Down/Get Up: The Guarani sets up to fire/Can move again.
Heroic Upgrade Reinforced Frame: Armour type upgraded to superheavy
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Paraguay
Trained at File:Paraguaythumb.gif Nueva Rosada Car Manufactory
Key Features » Armour Plating
» Reinforced Steel extra-strong Cybersyn Antenna
» More pulls and levers that can be accounted for
» Machine Guns (X4)
» Big ol' water heater (for the Mate)

"I guess it's true what the Federation said about Paraguay. They don't have a Dictatorship... it's a Dictatorcar"
"- Technate Custodian observing developments on the Frontier"

Tactical Analysis

  • The Quest for Yvy Maraey: The Guarani Armoured Car, the pride of the Paraguayan army and people, is the latest addition to the Federal arsenal, featuring probably the strongest armour of any teletank, it's meant to spearhead any charge as the unit to take most of the punishment in an assault.
  • Defenders of Curupayti: Meant to be able to withstand extreme amounts of punishment, the Guarani will be able to withstand even a frontal fight with a dedicated anti-tank vehicle, it however, needs to deploy to fire back at the enemy, being mostly useless on the move.
  • Still better than the Chaco: Admittedly, the Guarani possesses various other flaws, for once, it's much more slower than every other teletank, so it must be put into position much earlier if it is to spearhead an assault, for other, it is still a teletank, and needs close support of infantry if it's meant to be used effectively.
  • Cries the Urutaú, on the branches of the Yatay: The Guaranis are not people that will simply give up and realize that their new weapon may not be the strongest out there, when out on the field for the most part, various ideas and means to uparmour it will be proposed regarding the circumstances, meaning that, given enough time, the Guarani will become even stronger and tougher.


A Guarani revealing its weaponry viewed from the front.
A Guarani revealing its weaponry viewed from the back.

As much of a surprise as it was the integration of Paraguay into the Cyberbolivarian Project of its southern neighbors, it was much more of a surprise to see them also adhering to the “New Soldier” Project.

For once, unlike their southern neighbors, they still held a completely intact military, untouched by internecine war and whose supplies haven’t been blockaded nor its loyalty to their government tested.

Nonetheless, Paraguay proceeded, a disproportionately large amount of Recruits started coming from Paraguay and the military industrial investment suddenly doubled within the small country.

There is however some speculation as to the reasons for this fast and unexpected turn of events, for once, the project had proven to be a key factor on the reforms that made cybersyn so quick and efficient on its implementation throughout the provinces, the military forming a significant portion of the working hands that had to dig in and provide the people with access to the technology they very much deserved.

Then there comes the fact that Paraguay simply couldn’t rely on their former suppliers from armament, isolated from the rest of the world, the Combine looming on the horizon, the Federation still chaotic in the south and with Bolivia slowly but steadily becoming no man’s land, having to rely on nothing but whatever they could produce on their own was quickly becoming the most reasonable option.

Finally, there was a fact that’s very much related to the very Paraguayan spirit, no matter the circumstances or the odds they had to face, Paraguay has always been a country that has preferred to follow their own path, while most Latin Americans were content with relying on foreign suppliers. It has always aimed to become a self-sufficient country, even on the darkest days of their past they would have rather smelted and burn down their complete infrastructure if it meant they could build cannons than simply give up and surrender to the circumstances. In essence, the Paraguayan military earned itself a fame of being more willing to be completely wiped out than to surrender and being give in to gunboat diplomacy.

You may break a Paraguayan man’s body, but never their fighting spirit.

It’s with this mentality that Paraguay was quick to unveil their very own take on the teletank concept, the Guarani Armoured Car.

Built upon from the schematics of former armoured cars meant to transport money, the Guarani has instead been repurposed with the intention of working as an impromptu tank, a tank who has the advantage of possessing no crew inside but tons of wires, antennas, transmitters and many, many missiles.

Though slow, it’s been suited up and adapted to being able to traverse most terrains, the lack of windows meaning that the possibilities of finding any weak points on the vehicle are little and, as such it’s been intentionally purposed to spearhead the charge of any battle. It’s no coincidence that it bears such a symbolic name as that of the Guarani, the main indigenous group of Paraguay and the one whose most inhabitants can claim some degree of ancestry, the Guarani was meant not only as a symbol of the Federation, but the fighting spirit of the Paraguayan people.

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