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Light Tanks

M7 Harney Light Tank

Mk.23/T “Penny” Tank

Mk.47 "Shilling" Tank Destroyer
Designation Anti-Vehicle
Unit Type Light Tank
Relevance Lore
Country of Origin  File:USAthumb.gif United States
Created at  International Inc Plant #2, Detroit
Key Features » »30mm Stinger cannon
» »Roll of pennies
» »Bolt-on plating
» »Frontal maneuvering bumper
» »Tea dispenser

Main Article: Scorpion Tank

Scorpion tanks are one of the most widespread types in the world, and every nation has a couple of twenty lying around somewhere, this includes the Guild.

The Guild's scorpions are usually bought from II by individual companies of infantry who want a tank to supplement their firepower. As the scorpion is by far the cheapest, and by no means a inefficient vehicle, the scorpion tank is the usual pick of these individuals. These Scorpions are usually patched up with whatever goods the drivers can find, resulting in what most people in the Guild call "Penny" tanks. Penny tanks differ from tank to tank, some being unusually bland, while others are essentially moving blocks of cover, sometimes a extra machine-gun makes way for a bulldozer-blade, while others are covered with barbed wire. While the Guild's preferred choice of tank in an engagement remains the Tillbury, the odd Pennies can always be seen in Guild settlements.

Medium Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Mk.50 "Shilling" Tank Destroyer

Mk.50 "Shilling" Tank Destroyer
Designation Anti Tank
Unit Type Tank Destroyer
Relevance Lore
Country of Origin  Mexicothumb.gif Mexico
Created at  International Inc Plant #4, Monterrey
Key Features » »88mm cannons (x2)
» »Steel hull (rusted in the marshes)
» »Heavy V16 big block (16MPG)
» » Advanced targeting systems (map)
» »Guinea pig catapult

Main Article: Marauder Tank

Where International Inclusive sells Scorpions to Individual rebels and branches, the Guild themselves as a whole also have dealings with II, mainly on the basis of the Mk. 48 Marauder. Though the Guild is entirely capable of building their own tanks, the simplicity and fairly cheap value of the Marauder sometimes wins over the heavily expensive process of re purposing a already running factory.

As the Guild has many uses for the Marauder tank, most of these tanks are immediately Customized upon purchase, with parts and weapons slapped on without abandon to form one of the few simple designs the Guild has for Marauders. These tanks are subsequently called Shilling tanks. The most commonly seen Version of the shilling is the Mk. 50 Shilling tank Destroyer , a Marauder with added armor plates, culminating at the front and top of the vehicle, and a extra barrel on top of the two pre-existing ones. As finisher, the whole vehicle is covered in sandbags, providing a cheap extra layer of defense. This Design was made in response to Pahit artillery, and versions exist across Indonesia. Other marauder redesigns made by the Guild include the Mk. 52 Shilling Infantry fighting tank, Mk. 55 Shilling Artillery platform, Mk. 5X Shilling Guinea Pig catapult platform and the Mk. 56 Shilling Mobile bunker.

Heavy Tanks


Fighting Vehicles

Armoured Cars and Trucks

Self-Propelled Artillery

Industrial Guild

Man-made faction.

Infantry StrayIndustrialistRuffianCannoneerGamekeeperInventorPharmacistsAceSleuthWielderVictoria
Quantity Martel tanketteTilbury TankElizabeth Missile VehicleMatt Missile Artillery
Quality Hidalgo Anti-AirPenwood Musket IFVButler Battle CarBrayton TankRaider AAVDunstable IroncladMatthews Heavy TankMurrayMontgomery Transport
Logistics Warehouse MICVBuckstock TruckJones Exploration Walker
Mining Facility Canterbury Moving FactoryTurner DrillNewcomen SooterCavendish Support vehicleLyell Geological surveyorSullivan Blockade
Helicopters BaldrickBromwichStation ChopperTrevithick Transport Chopper
Airships Interception AirshipKabula Cruise-missile AirshipTaylor Destroyer
Waste Facility Albatross ExplorerHastings SprayplaneWaste Bomber
Speeder Watercraft Water RatPetrol BoatDredgerDumpshipBathyscaphe NautilusSeacat
Capital Watercraft TrawlerDrake Shoring ShipSeldon FerryAldrich Oil TankerNelson Container ConstrainerCatamaranWhaleBarlow LanderWilliams Missile Cruiser
Structures Guild CenterWork HubInjectorTank FactoryCar FactoryAirplane HangarHelicopter AirpadSpeeder DocksCapital DocksWaste FacilityLogistics WarehouseBunker FactoryNemo Cannon
Factories ArmamentsMaterialsMaintenanceCommercialEquipmentTransportation
Defenses Machinegun TurretGuard TowerSea minesReinforced BunkerSubterranean BunkerGilden BunkerCrow's feetFortified BunkerSettlement WallSettlement Gate
Protocols AuthorityMusketeers!EtherSweet HomboltMurder of CrowsFine FettleRock RaidersSilicon TrialWeight DropTipsy TumblerDrop the PilotScrap BunkerTreshold
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