Honor Guard

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Honor Guard
Go with honor.
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Support
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Mural (Deploys mural support structure)
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Belfast
Trained/Produced at Fighting for the oppressed
Key Features » Aviator sunglasses
» Beret
» Scarf
» Flagpole
» Sense of decorum

Tactical Analysis

  • Heroes are made, not born: The most respected of the Front's fighters, the Honor Guard are members of the Front that act as the bearers of the dead and inspiration during battle, giving a great boost to rate of fire and damage.
  • It's called a "mural", not "graffiti": If that wasn't enough, the honor guards can also create stationary murals meant to stand out on the field to inspire members of the Front, as well as distract their enemies by reminding them who really controls the cities and towns.
  • Guardians of the dead, not makers: Already the elite of the Front, the honor guard carry no weapons for even defense. Of course, they don't need weapons.


"When you die within the Syndicate, they'll just bury you in unmarked grave, sell you to organ harvesting gangs, or worse, do horrible experiments on your rotting corpse. The Phoenix Front not only gives you a dignified burial, but they'll protect your loved ones, and make sure your family will get the justice they deserve when Northern Ireland is free again."

- P. O'Neill

In war there are casualties, but even in war there must be a due to the dead. For the world's proper military forces, that entails a respectable funeral with a flag draped coffin and gun salute. For forces like the GLA, Vietcong, and MIR, this means leaving the body to rot where it lies. The Front doesn't want to leave their men to such insulting ends, they want to show they're more than just "terrorists". They want to show they have just as much justice in their cause as the [Allies believe they have. On the loss of a member of the Front, a funeral is immediately arranged.

Though not a state force, the Phoenix Front continues to hold official funerals for fallen volunteers in their home towns. One such ceremony in Belfast was held where the Front's honor guard stood over the coffin, the four flags held over the coffin. Mourners funneled past the family and through the house, a massive crowd waiting outside. While the ceremony and wake were calm, respectful affair, Apollo Fowl was going to make a point. After the attack on his penthouse in the city, Fowl wanted to remind the people who truly held power over their lives. In the time it took to bring the coffin back to the home, Helios agents managed to round up two dozen willing junkies ready to destroy the ceremony to get their hands on the Syndicate's premium products. When the coffin started to exit the house, the auxiliaries started shooting.

Civilians scattered or dove for cover, the few armed members of the Front trying to fire back fruitlessly. The chattering of Heckler machine pistols cackled over the air, rounds flying in every direction. Yet despite the fire, the honor guard stood tall. Flags full of holes, bullets ricocheting off the pavement and bricks, they stood tall despite the danger over the coffin. Heartened and not willing to give in, the Front members started coordinating their fire against the addicts coming after them. In less time than anyone would expect, the druggies started either dropping from fire, or fleeing for their lives when they realized that no high would be worth it.

The funeral went ahead as planned, and Fowl had shown who truly ruled in Belfast after all.

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