Huemul Cylinder

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Huemul Cylinder/Cilindro Huemul
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Defensive Superweapon.
Construction Time
Unit Type Building
Produced at Recruit
Ability Synchro: Heals all your units on the battlefield.
Heroic Upgrade N/A
Dev. Status Conceptual

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- The marking of the button that activates the Cylinder.

Oh, so you’re the new GAF guys, welcome to the Huemul Project, I’ll guide you through the Facilities, feel free to ask any questions, and of course, I must warn you and repeat that everything said here is strictly confidential and talking about the inner workings of this facility is absolutely forbidden and is considered High Treason by the State, as per Vicar's Orders number "who the hell gives a damn".

[undiscernible sound]

Oh, that? That’s our Panopticon, with it we can see through the timeline, it’s curious really, when we started doing the timetravel experiments, we discovered that the past can’t quite be altered, the only result you get is branching timelines, so many good men were lost that way.

[undiscernible sound]

You’d have to see the things we discovered along the way, there was a time when the earth was populated by lizardmen, some other time when the country became a communist nation in the 30s, or that time when we created the Soviet Union on the 16th century by mistake! Really weird stuff, there was that time when WWII was began on 1939… by Germany out of all countries, oh you really wouldn’t have wanted to look at that one, even thinking back on it sends chills down my spine.

Anyways, we learnt our lessons, it’s simply not worth it to alter the time stream, there’s… there’s other things too, it seems that each different iteration of this timeline is becoming more, unstable so to say, it’s been a complete headache to figure out what is working like it should be and what could possibly be going wrong, it all points out to those Chronospheres. There’s no way that the Allied Nations are going to hear us about those complaints, we’re already… preparing a more direct approach to take care of those problems, we’ve gotten all the contacts in the right places, you know.

[undiscernible sound]

So yeah, turns out we kinda figured out Chronotech which, is kinda funny you know? We never got an actual Chronosphere working, this Huemul Cylinder thing here is the closest we ever got to that, it gives a direct bridge to a set date in the future, it’s currently on 1983 though we're not exactly sure which one... we’ve got a forward base there, yes, in Buenos Aires, but it’s not very much worth it to visit. Most of the world has gone to hell, errm… we’ll talk about that later.

[undiscernible sound]

Oh right, right, yes, we’ve got actual practical applications for these things that, in theory at least, shouldn’t mess up much with the time stream, as I told you before there’s the Panopticon up there, it’s a new standard for espionage I must tell you, for the past? Is anything that has happened, that includes whatever happened in the last second, and that’s why we can spy most people almost on a live feed at all times, of course, we still have to separate the chaff from the actual useful stuff, alternate timelines and all that garbage, you know.

[undiscernible sound]

This Huemul Cylinder here? Oh this beauty has an amazing trump card, I trust you know already about that “timebelt” Tanya possesses? Well I must admit we’re not exactly sure how it works really, yet we’ve got various theories regarding it, chief amongst those is that it splits the timeline of the subject, replacing the individual with an alternative timeline version of him, hopefully someone that’s not so harmed. We’ve managed to apply this theory in a most successful way, I’m pretty sure this will be ok’d for military use in a couple years, you just wait.

[undiscernible sound]

Oh, so you ask what happens with the alternate version? Well, who cares really? Time’s but what you make of it, and who can tell you we haven’t replaced you already, heck, how can you tell I have not been replaced at all? You really think I’ve got the time to do this tour, over and over again, everytime more of you come to this facility? Hah, nobody’s got the time for that, trust me, we did the calculations, time’s really, on its essence here and whatever truly matters is what we make out of it, I’d been doing this tour for nearly a hundred years, yet I haven’t felt but a minute of it, I’m not sure if I was born in the first place to be honest, anyways you’ll learn it all when the time comes, now, for your schedule, your Yoga classes start in…

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