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Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Anti-Infantry
Construction Time
Unit Type Sniper
Produced at Training Grounds
Ability LUMOS Flare: Lights up an area and blinds enemies.
Heroic Upgrade Permanent Stealth
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Free Provinces of the Federation
Trained at File:Argentinathumb.gif Aconcagua Sharpshooter Academy, Mendoze
Key Features » "Asesino" Acceleration Rifle
» Camouflage Piece
» LUMOS Chemical Flares
» Cybersol Communication Glasses and Earpiece
» Cured Meat

"The Federation has found a new level of depravity. But why can't... I... take... my eyes out of it."
"- Excerpt taken from an international tv review magazine"

Tactical Analysis

  • Dreamy: These impromptu-soldiers are the Federation snipers taking out the enemies of the state in the name of Cybersyn. Armed with acceleration bolt-action rifles they may not be fast or accurate, but they eliminate targets as desired.
  • Like a Shinning Star: LUMOS chemical flares are the perfect complement to Huntsmen as you can stick them wherever you want. LUMOS chemical flares reveal fog of war while also blinding enemies within its range of effect.
  • Hidding from the Fans: Huntsmen are trained in the Andes mountains, where camouflage is everywhere. You should be very careful when these soldiers are on the move, as they have a keen sight and can see anyone trying to stealth.
  • Bad Boys die Last: The most experienced Huntsmen know how to use all environments to their advantage, this is why they are stealthy while moving and while stationary, however they'll still be visible while firing or throwing LUMOS flares.


The case of the Chacal de Nahueltoro, made famous by the homonymous movie released a few years later, is one that shook an entire country. It’s the tale of a poor Chilean alcoholic farmhand that, with the little opportunities that life gave to him, went on a spiral of self-destruction and violence that finally culminated in the death of his life companion and their children.

After taking him as a prisoner for the crimes he had committed, he went through a large period of rehabilitation, unlike any time before the state truly took care of him, he was educated, was offered home and shelter, the possibility of a new life, and with knowledge came penance, he truly repented of the atrocious acts that he had committed, if he have had any opportunities in life before, if it hadn’t been so harsh and the conditions he lived so pauperlike, maybe none of this would have happened, he thought. He truly had become a new man, someone willing to make a positive change in society. It was all for naught though, for he was condemned for death penalty, and as much as he was willing to make an effort to begin a better life, to make up for the crimes committed in the past, his days were counted and the sentence was unapellable.

This of course created a great polemic that further caused great discussion in every strata of the Chilean society, what’s the point of rehabilitation if your fate is already marked?

These words echoed in the Chilean conscience and the government of the newborn Federation paid attention, as a symbol of the “new beginning” that Chile would be shaving come the new Unidad Popular government, an alternative rehabilitation program was created for some of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Greatly publicized and Broadcasted Federationwide, some of the most violent criminals within the nascent nation were put on live television and shown on their daily routine as they were interred in a new special rehabilitation program that sought to give them useful skills that’d reinsert them into society, while also granting them education and setting them on challenges and tests both to check how well the rehabilitation program was going and to make the program more interesting to see for the viewership.

The results were… unexpected. The program, more specifically the television program, was surprisingly popular, as somehow people began to like seeing the daily life of misfits on live television and people began to empathize with their struggles, seeing them not as mere criminals anymore, but fellow human beings that just had gotten a bad hand by the game of life. However, some people started taking it a little bit too far.

Fan clubs were built around certain, particularly charismatic persons or participants who were remarkably good looking. Campaigns started to be made to accelerate the process or straight up free these people of any charges, even on the occasions where there was flagrant evidence that they, indeed, had committed crimes. Somehow word got in that this trial they were being subjected to was becoming a popularity contest and as such the cleverest of the rehabilitating inmates began acting as exaggerated, caricatures of themselves with the mere intention of simply capturing the favor of the public and possibly earning a reduced sentence out of sheer good looks and personality.

This eventually gave results, much to the chagrin of the government officials in charge, given the sheer pressure of the populace who was swooning at their misunderstood idols that were put behind the bars, despite the complaints of the very people they had assaulted, robbed or had suffered under their crimes. There had to be some way to solve this issue in a way that could satisfy all parties involved.

Eventually it was propositioned to “offer incentives” to the people undergoing this rehabilitation program. If they wanted to, they could undertake a much stricter, harsher, program where they had to undergo a military-like training to gain a reduced sentence and come out as complete functional members of society, though they must also participate as members of the Vigilante Force as part of the contract.

While much less of their daily activities are televised, given the military-like training they must undergo with it, the sheer harshness of the program led to more irritable participants, which in turn led to more bickering, further increasing the interest of the public at large in their antics and further increasing the popularity of some selected individuals. On the program itself, it was discovered that since many of these individuals had run ins with the police before they were captured, they already had some sort of degree of knowledge when it came to handling weapons, so the emphasis was put on refining these skills to breed the next generation of snipers for a group that very much needed them.

The very fact that some of these people were going to participate in the Vigilante Force, various times actually commanding squadrons, meant that more than a few fangirls (and fanboys) volunteered just to get closer to their idols.

Though many have questioned how healthy it is to get join a militia just for love of a celebrity, and a reforming criminal at that, nobody can doubt the effectiveness this has had at reforming these people, turning them from nobodies into beloved members of society in the blink of an eye, something that, of course, carries it’s own ups and downs.

The Vicar herself has expressed her approval, for the Vigilante force has greatly increased its ranks and these questionable individuals are being kept under constant watch, whether they like It or not, various fears have been raised around whether they may try to utilize their charm to generate greater, more dangerous criminal rings, but so far the program has worked, the criminals have become functioning members of society and the Federation has an ever increasing number of skilled marksmen, leaving all parties involved happy.

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