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Tactical Analysis

File# 11900: Project Spyglass


The notes contained within pertain to Project Spyglass of the Astrogate Program, and are not to be distributed to any personnel or civilians beyond appropriate Program members, Supervisors, and High Council members. Estimations regarding declassification and release to public archives - indeterminable.

- Dr. Ibanez Costenza

Initial Test

The initial start and subsequent development of Project Spyglass began with Theta Counsel (led by one Doctor Joaquin Hernandez) of the Astrogate Program in April 13, 1967, shortly after the initial discovery of the first truly accessible and potentially habitable universe beyond our own (see Project Discovery for more details). Charged with testing potential coordinates for viability in discovering new universes based on a preset range of choices, Theta Counsel had previously reported no results in their range until by accident one of them made a typographical error and fed the Astrogate linked computer a set of coordinates that were out of their designated range (see attached files for coordinates). They received a positive signal - the coordinates synched up to a location somewhere on the other side.

Theta Counsel never managed to give a report back on what they witnessed when they input the coordinates and opened up the Astrogate, but the security cameras and janitorial staff confirmed the following: whatever they saw broke them. Unfortunately, cameras that were recording the Astrogate itself were rendered useless somehow, as they have consistently broken down into white gibberish and static right after the Synchronization Portal opens - but the one camera that didn't see the Portal clearly records Dr. Hernandez and the other members of the team staring at the Portal for twenty-three seconds, followed by two Counsel members collapsing to the floor, one member apparently stabbing his face with his hands, one member shaking and clawing at the air with her hands, and one member laughing and choking in equal measures. This occurred until Dr. Hernandez, frothing at the mouth, assaulted the computer and deactivated the Portal.

Dr. Hernandez and two members of Theta Counsel were found alive but later found to be under sufficient mental and psychological distress to render them clinically insane. The other three members have since died due to either psychiatric shock or self-induced wounds.

Secondary Testing

Fortunately, the coordinates found by Theta Counsel were recovered, and as of this date three more tests have been conducted, with the new Project Spyglass label being made in order to fit it with the other projects being conducted. All three tests have failed to produce evidence or sufficient explanation for what universe the coordinates lead to or why those who view it are affected in such a way, but the effects of the coordinates on viewers are now clearer.

It appears that when the coordinates are punched in, the Synchronization Portal created leads to a universe containing something that creates a negative effect on the human psyche, increasing in intensity the longer one looks at it. Direct viewing of the Portal itself seems to be the trigger - nearsighted people, those viewing it though a mirror, and those viewing it behind glass or other clear materials are affected as much as those in the same location, while people with their backs to the portal but standing almost directly in front of it are not (one volunteer did, however, report a strong feeling of wanting to look at it even while facing away). Animals and Automata are similarly affected: non human biological beings will respond similarly to humans, while Automata and at least Zakmes drones will temporarily have their computers corrupted upon sensing it.

In all cases, those who viewed the Portal reacted in one of three ways: agitation and attempted harm either to the self, the Portal, or others; happiness of some sort combined with moving towards the Portal as if to enter, or an utter lack of reaction followed by unconsciousness or shock. It seems, from comparing records of the persons affected with their reactions, that the specific reaction depends on personality - more submissive people were more likely to become unresponsive or somewhat aggressive, while more dominant people were likely to react aggressively or happily. Most of the testers who went into shock or aggression towards themselves died soon after, or were fatally wounded by others attacking them. Those that reacted with joy in most cases survived, with the one exception being a scientist in the third test that apparently managed to enter the Portal itself before it was shut off.

All testers recovered experienced moderate to permanent psychological damage, with the worst cases little more than vegetables.

Current Status

Further domestic testing on Product Spyglass has officially ceased for the time being until a source of reliable and useful volunteers can be found without unduly endangering civilians of the Technate. Early tests in the possibilities of drawing from the 'death rows' of Technate and nearby countries prisons show promise, but as of yet are still in progress. Whatever is on the other side of that portal will remain a mystery for the time being.

However, the Military Grand Counsel has requested and received approval to use Project Spyglass in conjunction with Mobile and Rear Guard defence forces. Several Astrogates are currently in construction to be used for the purposes of both scientific exploration and practical non-lethal deterrence in-field, along with members of the Program to guide Supervisors and oversee deployment. To summarize from the approval letter, "The Trans-Universal Coordinate Synchronization Device, AKA Astrogate, is to be located in a secure and contained location behind the front lines, with adequate room for the computer equipment, cooling systems, exotic matter dischargers, and personnel. In addition, supplies of both explosives and neurotoxins are to be distributed throughout the containment building and readied in the event of hostile takeover of the facility to keep any useful knowledge of the Program out of enemy hands."

In addition, "The presence and time until readiness, though NOT the nature of the Astrogate, is to be broadcast on a battlefield wide radio transmission at constant intervals for the safety of friendly and hostile military forces and civilians. Upon designation of spacial coordinates, all friendly personnel and civilians are to be immediately ordered to look AWAY from the Trans-Universal Synchronized Portal Anomaly before firing. Affected individuals are to be captured and questioned upon the nature and description of what they saw if found coherent, and drugged and prepared for later psychiatric treatment if not."

Further notes will come as more evidence and documentation is collected.

P.S - on a personal note, which joker decided to 'honour' Dr. Lovecraft by attaching his name to the official blueprints? People, we are SCIENTISTS here. There is no evidence to suggest whatever is on the other side of those coordinates is some kind of abomination alien species that mankind is incapable of understanding, and the rumours that Dr. Hernandez started shouting that 'they' merely wanted to be our friends are just that, RUMOURS.

Honestly, you discover evidence of other universes and everyone jumps straight to cosmic horrors. We'll never get any volunteers for Project Eden if this keeps up...

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