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The Allies thought that when they succesfully killed Che Guevara, arrested the Castro brothers and other Latin American figures who opposed them, they have finally quelled the influence of Lenin and Marx in South America, and as such, will lead to "true socialism" and a time of peace and prosperity under the banner of the bird of prey. But, recent developments in South American politics has proved them terribly wrong on that.

While the ideas of anarcho-capitalism and technocracy happen to be popular in south of the border, Marxism and Leninism are like tardigrades: hard to completely eradicate, can survive even in outer space, extreme environments, and if rumours are to be believed, the aftermath of a Chinese atomic bomb. Even when its figureheads have been permanently silenced, the MIR shall still continue to spread the ideals where the rule of the people reigns supreme; after all, ideas cannot be killed, as they shall be immortal if enough people live by them.

Here are just some of the most influential people within the organization:

Strongmen for the Masses

Miguel Enríquez Espinosa

Andrés Pascal Allende

Raúl Sendic

José Mujica

Bélgica Dedé Mirabal

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