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Welcome to the Echoes Production Wiki

The Time Has Come To Rebuild What Was Lost
The mod may be dead, but we're still here. This wiki is an archive for existing lore and a testbed for new stories set in the same universe, even if the game itself is gone.
We have 370 articles since September 2014!

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Recent News

Work resumes once again with bonus April 6th, 2021

After 5 years of abandonment with no one to edit anything here work begins again! A full backup of the wiki has been made and is avalible through a torrent file in the main Paradox wiki, if we lose this wiki again the content here wont remain lost forever

New Video Series!August 2nd, 2016

It's been two years, and things are still a bit of a mess. Still, there's been one neat development: a youtube playlist documenting the Paraechoes setting! Check it out here

The Time Has Come To Rebuild What Was Lost September 9th, 2014

Wiki created and ready to work.

At the moment, there is a restoration of content from the archives. Moving from the old Wiki hosting occurred normally, but possible loss of some content.

It's time to rebirth Echoes Pro Wiki.

The Great Exodus December 11th, 2014

We are currently transferring the following major factions (Imilki Ecumene, Cybernetic Federation) and the following minors (MIR, Phoenix Front, Arabian Coalition, Arabian Socialist Government, The Network) over to the Echoes wiki from the PEQ wiki and would appreciate your help in moving things over.

Notice to all fellow Echoites December 12th, 2014

The following minor factions are in need of your help to provide them with symbols and logos!

The Arabian Coalition, the Network, the Phoenix Front, the Inkarri Theocracy, and the Mongolian Migration.

The Unionists and African League also need full sized logos again.

Featured article

The Fierce Feinian Female Fighters of Belfast

"Attention passengers, this is your captain. We're on our final approach to Satellite City International Airport, please put your tray tables into their upright positions and fasten your seatbelts. We hope you had a pleasant flight, and we thank your for flying Olympus Airlines, your chariot of the sky."

"Cramped as a chariot," Laura grumbled, strapping herself in as I put the small "table" back in place, causing the baby in front of us to start screaming for some impossible reason. "We could've sprung for the Alexander flight, but noooooo, you wanted to be incognito."

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" I groaned, hunched over thanks to the jerk behind me who wanted to lounge with his feet on the back of my chair. "I can't feel my legs right now because of how I've been sitting."

"Collect your things?" the flight attendant asked, Laura doing her best to smile as the girl put our trash away. "I hope you enjoyed your flight."

"Thanks to you," Laura said, the girl smiling politely as she walked away. Watching as the girl walked down the aisle, Laura turned back to me with a smirk. "Okay, maybe it wasn't so bad."

Featured media


“In all revolutions there can be found common elements and tools of the oppressed to use against their oppressors. Songs and hymns of unity, words of brotherhood and peace, the poor and the beaten down linking hands and standing bravely against the rifles. The disparate uniting against the collective, the underdog taking down the corrupt empire is a strong image. Perhaps that is why it was so eerie when we heard the jackbooted soldiers, masks down and rifles up, singing those same hymns as they sought to root us out.” - MIR member Emilia Vergara, on the Custodians

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