Matthews Heavy Tank

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Matthews Tank
A Matthews
Faction IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild
Designation Assault Tank
Cost $2000
Construction Time 0:20
Unit Type Heavy Tank
Produced at Tank Factory
Ability Switch Machinegun
Heroic Upgrade Razor's Edge
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin Indonesia
Built at Matthews Family personal production site
Key Features » 2 Armorpiercing cannon's type Matt-Hs5
» Double Penworth dualdrive miniguns
» "BattleThrone" engine
» Covered tracks
» 80 cm of solid steel armor

"Nemo impune arma irae."

-Matthews Tank Motto

Tactical properties

  • Heavy tracks: The Matthews heavy tank is the most powerful Guild tank in service.
  • Always useful: The Matthews tank was designed to lead, inspire or support assaults against any and all targets, and their weapons are primed to do this, their cannons doing decent anti-tank damage while maiming structures at equal effectiveness. The Matthews can turn it's main cannons offline to assault infantry and aircraft with it's inaccurate but deadly mini guns.
  • Cover: The Matthews, unlike the T-59, provides a more then decent cover for infantry units, allowing even bigger supported Assaults.
  • Razor's Edge: Experienced Matthews crews are used to working under strain, and are hellbent to prove their worth. The further their tank slips towards the eternal light of tank-heaven, the harder the adrenaline flows, and the faster they'll work, improving the Matthew's overall performance dramatically as it loses health.

Progeny of the twin-barreled mammoth

Arkhangelsk would be a nonentity in the minds of people if it weren't for the remarkable tank that rolls out of the assembly line 24/7. Most civilians do not marvel at the sight of a Hammer tank coming out of a factory, or the facade pincers stacked in rows upon rows. A tank already went and eclipsed all of these sights. People remember Arkhangelsk for the Apocalypse.

The Soviet line of super heavy tanks has been known and feared by both civilians and military personnel for over a century, the size and sheer intimidation factor of the tanks unmatched by any other vehicle. When given a choice between the mirage tank and an apocalypse tank, even allied civilians will opt for the apocalypse tank regardless of the mirage's actually possible ambush performance against the lumbering behind of the super heavy tank. It is this factor that prompted the Communist Chinese to produce their own knockoff, and it is this factor that largely drives the Vietcong to keep up the few Mammoths they have regardless of the costs. It is the very same factor that drove the Guild to design the 'Matthews heavy tank, a complete redesign of the JS-3 Terminator.

The Matthews is, apart from a combat unit, essentially nothing more then a propaganda statement. Build to reinforce the image of a organized resistance, designed to intimidate opponents into surrender, the Matthews' image draws heavily from the Terminator Design. Though the Matthews is no match to the current Apocalypse, the Matthews has outdone it's design inspiration, the Terminator tank in the encounters it has been in. Instead of designing the Matthews as a tank destroyer, the Guild wanted the tank to be a viable choice of weapon in any situation, maximizing the amount of times the enemy will have to face the Matthews, and with it, increasing the intimidating factor of the tank. The result was a fairly simplistic dual-tracked design, capable of maneuvering trough Indonesia without many difficulties and armed with a select set of weapons capable of returning fire to most common targets.

Matthews tanks are build 24/7 at the Guild's larger factories, having produced an apt number of around 50 Matthews tanks so far, meaning the Guild have one or two Matthews tanks in any important engagement. More interesting by far, however, are the two Matthews tanks build in civilian areas near Chikarang and Tasikmalaya, implying that the Matthews can be home-made, given enough time, skill, scrap metal and the inconspicuous draining of all fuel tanks in a 50 mile radius.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Matthews will resemble the Apocalypse tank from R A 2, completing the collection of super heavy tanks with the current Apocalypse and Vietcong Mammoth tank.

Just the Stats

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