Mongolian Migration

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A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

-"A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley

The Mongolian Migration, more commonly referred to as the Mongolians or the Migration, is a fan-faction being created by the collective effort of a few people, mostly based on the old Mongolian faction idea of Jason Zombolt and subsequent derivatives.

Mongolian Migration
Locked baby!
Playstyle Mobility to the max
Faction Colour Awesome
Type Fan Faction
Dev. Status Constructing

At a Glance

Faction Colour: Awesome Red.

Gameplay Style: Mobility and Survivability

Preferred Theater of Operations: Anywhere, but only for a short time.

Strengths: Strong economy, Fast units, Second Chance mechanic, All buildings revert into units (and vice-versa).

Weaknesses: Expensive units, units not exceptionally tough, unconventional tiers, no difference between army and base, hard to recuperate.


Mongolian Migration Diplomatic Relations
EmiratesLogoThumb.png African League IconNeutral.png Neutral
CombineLogoThumb.png Technocratic Combine IconNeutral.png Neutral
IndustryLogoThumb.png Industrial Guild IconNeutral.png Neutral
SouthernContingentLogoThumb.png Southern Contingent IconNeutral.png Neutral
UnionistLogoThumb.png American Unionists IconNeutral.png Neutral
Commonwealth.png Greater Indian Commonwealth IconNeutral.png Neutral
FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation IconNeutral.png Neutral
ImilkiLogoThumb.png Imilki Ecumene N/A
Mongolian Migration Diplomatic Relations
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconNeutral.png Neutral
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconNeutral.png Neutral
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconMixed.png Mixed
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconUnknown.png Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar.png War
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconNeutral.png Neutral
ProtectorateLogoThumb.png Electrical Protectorate IconMixed.png Mixed

Did you ever hear of Mongolia?

Mongolia is the oft forgotten land directly beneath Russia. Officially a Soviet state, Mongolia had no choice in joining their armed and totally terrifying northern neighbour. Afterwards, however, mongolia found itself in the nice position of being relatively ignored troughout the Allied-Soviet wars and even the Rising Sun debacle. However, Mongolia, already a pretty ignored nation, has largely fallen into a state of total isolation. There is no contact between Mongolia and the world. The common conception in the Kremlin is that Mongolia can take care of itself just like it did for the last couple of hundred years, as the Soviet state has more pressing matters

Mongolian people, however, sing a whole other tune, albeit not a happy one.

Clones and drones

Mongolia is not a peaceful community of farmers and locals anymore, Mongolia has become the playground of three of the more super normal factions on earth, the Atomic Kingdom of china, the Imilki Ecumene, and the Electrical Protectorate. All three factions frequently skirmish with each other, but the resulting losses only cost the natives. though their appearance out of thin air managed to half the otherwise already petite Mongolian population, the remainder of people, lacking any way of successfully contacting other countries without getting blasted to smithereens, did the one thing humanity is well equipped to do. Survive.

Look at my bike, seriously.

It didn't take long for the Mongolian people to find out both the robots and clones were only firing at them as an afterthought. As the Protectorate and Atomic Kingdom clashed often, the Mongolians got plenty of time to study whatever they found left. The Mongolian survivors soon began developing their own backyard ways of levitation and propulsion from their findings. While not terribly efficient, these small scale inventions slowly began driving the leftover Mongolians together, distributing and sharing improvised technology to other survivors. Those left from the great scourges are hardened people, attached to their only means of survival, their vehicles. While the Chinese and Protectorate mucked about in Mongolia, trying to find their favorite way of operating, the Mongolian people managed to get their vehicles to go ever faster and faster. It wasn't long before the Mongolians were ready to turn the tables.

Time to get out

Mongolia has changed again. What used to be a wasteland ruled by the fancies of the Protectorate, the Ecumene, and the Chinese is now ruled by the Mongolian people again. Not by form of government, but by the law of the strongest. If there's anyone apt to survive in ridiculous situations, it's a Mongolian. if there's anyone ever able to annihilate an entire clone squadron using only his chopper and some Molotov cocktails, it's probably a Mongolian. The surviving Mongolians hold no fear for the Protectorate, Aliens, and Chinese, using them as obstacles in their racing competitions to determine the most bad ass person around. With most of the Mongolian people mobile and kicking ass, it wasn't long before people started to notice.

As Chinese violence in Mongolia escalates once again, the Mongolian survivors unanimously decided they've had enough. Mongolia is getting too much of a bother for even the Mongolians to live in. Unanimously, plans were migrate all the survivors out of Mongolia. Without much pre-preemptive thought, three groups were formed and each given their own route. On July 1969 the Mongolian Migration will begin.

Gameplay Style and Development

As a faction, the Mongolian Migration is all about being mobile, and staying moving. Everything the Mongolians have is mobile. Their very units form their base. In skirmish, the Mongolians are represented by Migration Pit-stops, which allow you to Build a Migration bus to start producing Mongolian units. In Minor faction Deathmatch, you simply immediately get a Migration bus, barring the need for a base.

Second Chance

Mongolian units are hard to kill off. When any Mongolian unit dies, it stays on the battlefield with reduced health, unable to participate. When enough time has passed, the unit will be restored to combat functionality. This usually takes long, but putting a Mongolian Heshigten in the immediate vicinity of a downed unit will speed up the recovery slightly, and the Mongolian Noyon will speed it up considerably. Be aware that downed units can be killed off, and still take damage the same way.

If you can reclaim the battlefield, you can reclaim your losses.

Reinforcement Replacement

As the Mongolians do not get reinforcements or protocols, the Mongolians use a Super weapon that provides its effect as long as it’s deployed, eliminating the need for a timer. The super weapon, the Racing Congregation, allows you to buy single use super weapons, without the need for either a cool down or a timer. While the enemy is not informed of the location of the Racing Congregation on the battlefield, the enemy will get a visual icon similar to the classic super weapon timer, which shows whether the correspondent building is packed up and moving or deployed and active. Enemies will also receive a warning when a super weapon has been ordered.

You can also build the racing congregation in a normal skirmish match.


Acoustic Levitation

While most Mongolian vehicles still have wheels hidden somewhere for emergency breakdowns, and some of the more hardheaded racers still swear by wheeled power, the majority of Mongolian vehicles levitates on sound waves. By bouncing sound waves between a source and an object it is possible to levitate either one of these objects in respect to the other. While allied technicians are only capable of levitating a few kilograms, the Mongolians have the advantage of retro-engineered sonic technology boosting their understanding of acoustic weapons and techniques several light years ahead. Mongolian vehicles are equipped with either silent or noisy sonic emmiters capable of levitating their vehicles a few feet from the surface.

Nitro Charges

Knockout matter

Knockout matter is strange. It displays properties thought unknown to man. When strange matter encounters any other kind of matter, it slowly eats it apart, and changes it into more Knockout matter. This byproduct of mixing Chinese, Ecumenical, and Protectorate horrors was found eating holes in Mongolian buildings, and it serves the Mongolians in the same way. packed tightly into safe containers somehow, knockout matter is expelled in makeshift shells or grenades, and eats holes in the armor and systems of the targets. the process is undeniably slow, and as such a raid with knockout matter weapons should always be followed up by a proper attack.


Using salvaged power generators from Chinese equipment, the Mongolians have succeeded in creating high-energy ionized gas. This volatile substance is then used by connecting a barrel straight to the power source, allowing the newly dubbed "Burstguns" to fire short bursts of incredibly hot matter. these kind of weapons act like shotguns, and are very effective close up, but lose potency with range.


a promising technology, scramblers are jury rigged devices capable of disrupting various communication means, as well as providing fake stimuli. while easily filtered out of your systems, scramblers are very effective at hiding the Mongolian's tracks.



Migration Pit-Stop The Mongolian Building capturable in singleplayer, the Mongolian Pit-Stop constructs more Migration Busses, it has no other function.
Racing Garage Most Mongolian units deploy into the racing garage to start producing Mongolian units Apart from the Mongolian units, it can also create additional Migration busses.
Racing Convention The Mongolian Super weapon, the Racing convention allows you to buy single use superweapons.
Vault The Mongolian Refinery, capable of constructing Morit Movers and processing ore.


Migration Bus The Mongolian Core Unit, the Migration bus is a relatively well armored unit that can build Tsereg units, and provides bonus effects to Mongolian units around it.
Tsereg Triad The basic biker unit for the Mongolians, the Tsereg is armed with a sawed-of shotgun capable of blasting anything to smithereens, when up close. The gun has a 6 salvo magazine, and reloading is quite extensive. The Tsereg deploys into the Racing Garage, and can additionally be build from the migration Bus. When near a Migration Bus, a Tsereg can throw knives instead of shooting his gun, extending his viable range and eliminating the need for reloading.
Ganbaatar Greaseballs Mongolian bikers armed with Flammable cocktails, the Ganbaatar throw these bottles impressively far using chain slings, and raid vehicles. Ganbaatar deploy into the Racing Garage. When near an Migration Bus, a Ganbaatar leaves a flammable trial behind him, damaging enemy units.
Obek Outlaws The Obek is the dedicated anti air unit for Mongolian bikers, armed with two missile tubes on the sides of his ride. If enemies get to close for comfort, the Obek can whack them with the chains he keeps around. The Obek can deploy into the Racing Garage, and when near the Migration Bus, the Obek's missiles set planes on fire.
Morit Movers The Morit is the dedicated Ore collector of the Mongolians, a hot rod with copious transport space. armed with several missile launchers, the Morit can unpack into the Racing Garage. The Morit is faster than regular ore collectors, but accelerates slower. The Morit gains an boost in armor when near the Migration Bus.
Duulga Devestators The Duulga Hover bike unpacks into the Vault, the Mongolian refinery. When unpacked, the Duulga does not supply a free collector. The Duulga is armed with two grenade launchers that fire a salvo of area-covering grenades. When near the Migration Bus, the Duulga will fire cluster grenades instead.
Myanggat Maruader The Mongolian Main Hot-rod, the Myanggat is a hot rod armed with a Burst gun capable of firing of a salvo of 6 shots before needing to reload. As the Myanggat has no turret, but also nearly no turn radius, it is best applied in quick hits. The Myanggat reloads its salvo’s faster near the Migration Bus. The Myanggat deploys into Racing Garage.
Ongot Obliterators Ongots bring fast anti Air support by flying and attacking enemy aircraft up close with a burst gun. When near the Migration Bus, the Ongot can replenish it’s burst gun and throw grenades to ground targets from the windows. The Ongot deploys into the Racing Garage.
Hell's Heshigten Heshigten are hover bikes armed with knockout matter weapons, allowing them to make a pre-emptive sweep against enemy forces. the Heshigten deploys into the Racing Garage, and can slowly revive downed units nearby. When near the Migration Bus, the Heshigten is stealthed for a prolonged period of time, this effect does not immediately dissipate once the Heshigten leaves the radius provided by the Migration Bus.
Noyon Nightstalker With a limit of 1 Noyon per player, the Noyon is a vehicle capable of reviving downed units and using a scrambler, but it lacks any weaponry. You are limited to one Noyon, as the Noyon unpacks into the Racing Congregration. When near the Migration bus, the Noyon produces money at a steady rate.

Deathmatch Single-use Superweapons

Speed Blast The cheapest super weapon available, speed blast temporarily gives all Mongolian units in the targeted area a slightly extended Nitro Charge.
Killer Khan The Targeted Mongolian unit cannot be killed or knocked out of action for some time.
Streamlight Vastly Superior to speed burst, Streamlight gives all Mongolian units in the area a insane version of the regular nitro boost, allowing them to cross the entire map in a matter of seconds. It lasts as long as a regular nitro bar unfortunately.
Customize Upgrades a Migration Bus, giving it a drastic boost in armor and speed, passive money gathering, and allows the civilians to use weapons from inside the bus. Also adds a burst gun and a scrambler to the bus’ arsenal. Also allows the Migration Bus to use nitro.
Redline The most expensive, and ultimate Mongolian super weapon. Choose Two areas on the map. The minimap will slowly show the track being plotted. After some time enemies will be made aware that a group of Mongolian racers is entering the area on this trajectory, devastating all they come across.