Party Van

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Party Van
Delivering democracy today!
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Transport
Construction Time
Unit Type Vehicle
Produced at Pub
Ability Disembark
Heroic Upgrade
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Ford factories
Trained/Produced at Local garages
Key Features » 6-cylinder diesel engine
» Seating for six
» Motivational pro-Front slogans
» Armored plates
» Deluxe air conditioning system

Tactical Analysis

It's a party 'round here: Part of the Front's political wing, the Party Van can drive into an area, offload "supporters" into the streets, and drive away again with the enemy's rounds bouncing off the armored interior. Even better, the vans have also been modified to withstand CS and Sear gas.

Tiocfaidh ár lá!: Covered in banners, slogans, and flags, the vans also serve as a kind of mobile rallying point for the Front; all fighters nearby become even more capable of fighting.

Stage left!: Of course, the vans aren't proper vehicles. Sustained fire and anti-vehicle weaponry will easily destroy them, meaning that a savvy commander needs to know when to flee the field.



- Common caption for Éire Aontaithe party posters.

More than any other force of freedom fighters, the Front realizes that to win their fight, they need a political wing to act as the voice of their beliefs. Before, these parties were split along republican and unionist lines. Now they've quickly unified against the Allies and Syndicate. Under the banner of Éire Aontaithe (Ireland United) party, the political wings have given a set of ultimatums to both the British and Irish governments; remove the Peacekeepers from Northern Ireland immediately so talks can begin.

Funded locally but speaking globally, the Front's most obvious sign of their political fight are the ubiquitous vans that accompany the many rallies and marches. Simple civilian vehicles with no weapons aboard, the vans have been modified with armor plate on the doors and a filtration system to prevent those inside from being affected by PK chemical weapons and Legion sear gas canisters. Seen at every rally, wake, and march, these vans carry members of both Éire Aontaithe and the Front to and fro, and out from the prying eyes of their enemies.

Indeed, these political undertakings are making some headway. Stormont is becoming buried in letters and phone calls complaining about the ongoing conflict. Newspapers are flooded with letters decrying what has happened in the cities as barbaric and medieval. Boycotts against Straylight's goods have become commonplace in Northern Ireland, with frightening consumer trends in the Republic and Irish-America suggesting that things are not so emerald green anymore. The Syndicate has realized that the Front is trying to hit where they know they'll hurt, but for now have no real names to attach to the power.

Probably most importantly, these parties have given power to people who once could only dream of equality. Catholics are no more involved in the political process, and poor protestants who merely watched elections are now readying to get involved in them. Rallying behind young, energetic leaders, these young and hungry voters are quickly readying themselves for the next election cycle as both Allied and British citizens. This has the Syndicate more worried than it should be, as the revelation that the political process isn't gone in a sprawl could lead to a massive domino effect. Desperate, the Syndicate now wants these parties banned as Marxists, communist subversives in the middle of Ireland. The Allies can do nothing without evidence however, and the party vans continue to travel from city to city, rallying the people to the cause. After that? Well, as the Americans say. "First things first".

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