Raven Fighter

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Corvid F22 'Raven' Fighter
Faction CombineLogo.png Technocratic Combine
Designation Anti-Air
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Unit Type Fighter
Produced at Aerozone Block
Ability Return to Base


Heroic Upgrade Oxidizer Rounds
Dev. Status Modelled
Country of Origin  Technatethumb.gif
Created at  
Key Features » Central 20mm nose-mounted autocannon
» Wing-mounted .50 machineguns (x4)
» Internal biodiesel engine
» Coolant pistons (x12)
» Calendar (Great Men of History)

Tactical Analysis

  • Those Magnificent Men...: Raven Fighters are your primary source of anti-air firepower in the air - tough monoplanes, they are reasonably well-armored and capable of engaging other planes at ranges longer than most.
  • Up, Down, Flying Around: A Raven Fighter's primary focus is on relatively close-ranged dogfighting. Their central autocannon is reasonable accurate at range, while their machineguns help provide weight of fire when fully engaged.
  • Don't Think of Danger, Really Don't Care: While they may be able to dogfight anything in the air, Ravens have no defence or way to retaliate against ground forces, and thus will quickly fall to anti-air ground weaponry if not supported. Their guns, while numerous, are also very outgunned compared to some of the other forces that fight in the sky.
  • Your Feet, In The Air: The Raven with enough kills to reach ace status is bad enough, but the one that also incorporates extremophile bacteria engineered to voraciously eat through metal is increasingly dreaded by the airborne forces of the MIR and Theocracy. Rather than machineguns it mounts four M69 Bio-Canister Guns that shoot geobacterial munitions. These weapons fire slightly slower than normal machineguns, but have an increased area of effect and deal increased Damage over Time to struck units, as well as temporarily decreasing their armour value.


"No future but what we make ourselves..."

- Raven pilot determined to prove himself.

CBURA Archival Record #1262B, File Cult of the Hawk
Security Type:Evidence; Code Clear
Location: 3:26 am, July 3rd, 1969; Amazon Rainforest Sector 2D, Brazil

<Voice 1 (Unidentified)> Eyes of God to Safe Haven, are you there Safe Haven?

<Voice 2 (Safe Haven)> This is Safe Haven. Eyes of God, are you clear?

<Eyes of God> Clear to go, Safe Haven. Craft is handling well, wing patterns stable. Currently en route to technocratic base, should be there in just over twenty minutes.

<Safe Haven> Good work, Eyes of God. Remember, recon only - just get us the defense information, and ground forces can do the rest later.

<Eyes of God> Yes, Safe Haven. Skies are looking clear - no sight of enemy planes, no searchlight beams. Should be an easy run.

<Safe Haven> Keep humility, Eyes of God. Do not understimate these intruders - they have already managed to get this close to New Eden, they cannot be allowed to get further.

<Eyes of God> As you said, Safe Haven, I'm here to report and observe. I'll let the holy ground-pounders deal with them, and stay out of sight.

<Safe Haven> Excellent. Carry out established orders unless contacted.

<break in conversation - estimated eight minutes>

<Eyes of God> Safe Haven, searchlight just lit up. They shouldn't have spotted me, but taking caution moves just to be sure.

<Safe Haven> Do what you need to do, Eyes of God. Can you get any information on the technocrat's base?

<Eyes of God> Affirmative, Safe Haven. Looks to be one, two perimenters of defences, ringing a plateau. Looks like they've got their backs to the river.

<Safe Haven> Already you have served us well, Eyes of God. A naval assault looks to be the best option, then. What can you tell us about the perimeters?

<Eyes of God> Let me do a fly-over....I report mostly circular platforms, some of their bacterial weapon emplacement, and what appear to be...mounds?

<Safe Haven> Eyes of God?

<Eyes of God> They look biological...inform base that abominations may be used for defences. Flame weapons will be needed, for sure.

<Safe Haven> Excellent work, Eyes of God. Get some photos, then relay back to camp.

<Eyes of God> Yes, Saf-


<Safe Haven> Eyes of God, we're getting some static on this end, can you read us?

<Safe Haven> I repeat, Eyes of God, can you read us?

<Eyes of God> ...ation. Safe Haven, I think they might have spotted me. I see - they've got an airpad, Safe Haven, they've got planes!

<Safe Haven> Eyes of God, take IMMEDIATE evasion actions, get out of there! Head in the opposite direction, and take emergen-

<Voice 3 (James Cadney, Technate Pilot)> ...I'm coming for you...

<Eyes of God> Safe Haven, I have unidentified aircraft on my six!

<Safe Haven> Eyes of God, get out of there! Safe Haven to internal base, we have an unknown breach in security! Read, we have an-

<Eyes of God> Eyes of God to Safe Haven, I am under attack! Heavy strafing fire, I repeat heavy strafing fire?

<Safe Haven> ...Lord, no....Eyes of God, get to a safe place and evac! It's too hot, we have to close the line!

<Eyes of God> Wait, what? Safe Haven, no, NO! Don't leave me....It's on my six and matching, I can't get out!


<Eyes of God> My left wingstruts are destroyed, I repeat destroyed! Attempting evasive actions...AGGHHH!

<sound of small explosions>

<Eyes of God> THEY'VE TAKEN OUT THE FLARES, Safe Haven! I need immediate support, I need immediate support! HELP ME!

<Safe Haven> We're...I'm sorry, Eyes of God. May the Lord speed you on to Heaven, if He wills you live then may you survive, and if He wills you die then let it not be painless. There's too much risk...

<Cadney> Enough talk - time to finish this.

<Eyes of God> Please, please....Safe Haven, my plane, my plane...I can see the light from its guns, Safe Haven you didn't tell me they would have planes oh God its falling apart I'm going to die I'm going to die I'm going to-

<sounds of cannon fire. Explosion>

<alarms going off, sounds of shouting>

<Safe Haven> May you go with the Lord in lasting peace now, Eyes of God...

Source of Transmission Traced and followed. As of July 10th, official military operations against Cult of the Hawk outpost will commence.

We Can See You

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