Riot Dog

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Riot Dog/Perro Millatrewa
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Amphibious Anti-Ground. Suicide Anti-vehicle.
Construction Time
Unit Type Animal
Produced at Training Grounds
Ability Final Glory
(Sacrifices itself for Great Damage against a Vehicle)
Heroic Upgrade N/A
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Free Provinces of the Federation
Trained at File:Federationlogothumb.gif State Kennels
Key Features » Sharp Teeth
» Strong Legs
» Cybersyn Antenna
» Sweater with Araucan Motifs
» Unfaltering Loyalty

"Grrr-ROWF! ... Arf Arf Arf"
"- Riot Dog targetting it's natural enemy: Cars."

Tactical Analysis

  • On the Hunt: Riot Dogs are trained by the Mobile Infantry Animalia Division, an elite branch of the Federal Vigilante Force. These creatures serve as elite scouts and in case of necessity suicide anti-ground forces fighting in the name of the Cybersyn Project. (by Vicar's Command 887 all Riot Dogs support cyberbolivarism and it's ideas).
  • Twice as Dangerous: These animals are taken off the streets and are trained on a secret place in the Patagonia Province, far away from any distractions or interference. After an extensive training is done they are assigned to a Vigilante patrol, turned into brave companions and deadly killing machines. They are also supplied with an explosive pack for emergency situations that can be activated via their Cybersyn antenna.
  • Bite and Bark: Whenever a Riot Dog reaches a target deemed too dangerous, the pack of explosives located beneath their bellies is activated via antenna, exploding, unfortunately this activation kills the dog in the process, so it's deemed as a measure that must only be used on desperate circumstances.
  • It's a dog's life: Since Riot Dogs are often suicide fighters they rarely live long enough to become veterans.


"...Now we start with the parade in honor of the former President of Chile and now first man of the Cybernetic Federation, doctor Salvador Allende Gossens coming as a representative of the Federation, with him comes the world-wide acclaimeded politician and mastermind behind the Cybersin proyect popularly known as The Vicar. We invite you all to sing with joy and respect our national anthem...

The parade begins with the presentation of the three branches of the Vigilante Force, defenders of the Cybersyn Project and spiritual successors of the obliterated armies of the Federation provinces...


...We can see how the extravagant technologies admired all over the world is brought on stage, led by huge computer-trucks coordinating the efforths of all pan-american soldiers in the battlefield...


...Now followed by the applause of all the people here at the Palacio de los Pueblos de las Américas, the batallions of Weichafe dogs, Riot Dogs as they are known elsewhere, are brought heavily guarded by their instructors. Did you know that these creatures are the preferred pets of our comrade first man of the Federation?. Indeed these dogs are carefully trained in the remote lands of the Patagonia Province by the specialists of the Mobile Infantry to chase and destroy all enemies of cyberbolivarism. They are firm supporters and protectors of the ideals upon which this country was built upon! These patriotic animals are so brave that are willing to die for their cause, such is their devotion to the Vigilante Force.

We continue now with the air show of the Peoples' Air Force, the Anchimayen's..."

- Recording of the Reconstruction Day, November 11th 1968, Statal Broadcasting through the provinces of Cybernetic America. Played on tape at the start of the school year on all state schools to represent the power of the Federation.

Protests in Chile are nothing new, memories of the "Batalla de Santiago" are still firm on the collective consciousness of the people as the day where the people rose up and the government had to respond in force. Even worse were the short months were Pinochet's government was in place, with people marching down the streets daily and comfrontation with government forces were common. Those days are fortunately gone, the Vigilante force replacing both the military and the police in the provinces of the federation, while the "people watch the people" initiative taking care of any malcontents and delinquency that may be present on the state.

A curious phenomena that happened during these frequent protest was the participation of stray dogs, common to the streets of Santiago. While belonging to no one in particular, these dogs were fiercely loyal to the people they found on these marches and were often friendly to them. Being fed and petted by them, they got accostumed to following them in these protests, often barked loud and on unison with their people, staying with them even when the situation went awry and the forces of order had to intervene, another interesting fact that was caught on was their extreme disdain for any vehicle circulating during these protests, often barking, biting and attacking these in fruitless attempts to stop them.

This curious behavior was something that also permeated the collective memory and during the building of the Vigilante Force many of these dogs did indeed come back with the people they so gladly marched with, even though now they were serving on the opposite side of the coin. This fact eventually came up to the higher echelons of the military analysts of the federation who were glad to realize the Vigilantes had created a naturally born caste of Animal Scouts to accompany them in patrols, one that was clearly used to loud noises and that, with few adjustments, would become a combat ally that had nothing to envy to Attack Dogs.

The news that these new "Weichafe Dogs", or Riot Dogs as they were known unformally, would get official training, as well as their proper vaccinations and official integration into the Force, was well received and many impromptu owners were glad to accompany their quadruped comrades to the far reaches of the Patagonia Province. There they are taught various useful skills not only as Military Dogs, but as companions and helpers of the Federal cause. However a small concession had to be made, many, if not most of these dogs, were already old and, as much as their owners lamented, their days were counted, from this realization came the idea that there was still a way with which they may bring a little extra help to their amigos, even in the twilight of their lives. Strapped with explosives, these dogs are encouraged to do what they always loved to do, to chase and be finally able to destroy those oppresive metallic behemots that have always embittered them, to be able to give their lives for the ones they love one last time.

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