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Erin go Bragh.
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Anti-Infantry, Anti-Structure
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Rally! (Rioter and nearby fellow Rioters gain buffs to weapon speed, damage and movement, can stack)
Heroic Upgrade Instacrete Concoction (Stuns vehicles for a short time)
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Northern Ireland
Trained/Produced at Where there's discontent and disillusionment
Key Features » Rocks (scattered throughout the ground)
» Molotov Cocktails (x5)
» Anti-Allied sign
» FIerce nationalism
» Makeshift gas mask (resists pepper sprays)

Tactical Analysis

  • Power of the People: Recruited from the common populace, Rioters are intensely-patriotic civilians who fight the Syndicate and Allied oppression in the ways they know how: by throwing rocks at enemy soldiers and razing structures to the ground with molotov cocktails.
  • Mob Mentality: Just like other mobs, Rioters can utilize the strength of numbers by rallying together, strengthening their resolve to fight for Ireland's independence.
  • Gunned Down Like Ants: Rioters should be wary of machine guns and sniper rifles, as these two weapons can quickly pacify them permanently.
  • New mix: On rare occasions, Rioters can gain special molotov concoctions that allow them to disable vehicle engines for a short time from "trusted sources".



- Common rallying cries for Front-affiliated protests in Ireland.

The Allies are fine with civil disobedience. Shocking but true, the Allies will not oppose your right to protest their actions with sign boards, marches, even the occasional hunger strike. Even with all the name calling and accusations of being "europerialists", the Allies do their best to not impose on the people they rule by stifling their voices.

Northern Ireland is civil disobedience to an unbelievable degree. If it wasn't the Catholic residents protesting about their lack of representation, it was the protestant community marching to save what they saw as their historic culture. Every August things were especially terrifying, as this was the historic marching season; Protestant social clubs would march to commemorate the victory of William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne. The largest of these decided to focus the majority of their marching in Derry in 1969.

Already aware of the brewing discontent in Northern Ireland, the British government requisitioned a company of peacekeepers to supplement the local defense forces by the time of the marches. On August 12th, the marches began. At first, the Catholic communities were glad to have the Allies present for fear of protestant "mischief". The protestants, likewise, were happy to have the Allies present to show the Catholics that their heritage was to be protected. Unfortunately one misunderstanding led to an explosion of tempers. Young boys throwing around pennies and marbles led to both protestants and Catholics believing they were being mocked, and these small missiles gave way to rocks and bottles. On orders, the Allies moved in to halt the demonstration, and in doing so sparked the conflict in Northern Ireland. Heavy-handed arrests of protestors on both sides quickly turned the peoples anger from each other to the Peacekeepers arresting members of the community. Marchers in their suits and bowlers suddenly joined Bogsiders in their street clothes confronting the PKs in the streets. The short disbelief turned to focused rage, as the Bogsiders and marchers turned all their energy to battling back the Allied forces. Unlike in America, the Allies had drastically underestimated the forces needed in Derry. For three days entire platoons were placed around the Bogside to try and contain the rioting, rocks and stone seriously injuring many PKs. Vehicles were held at bay with molotov cocktails, and barricades were quickly erected in the middle of the streets and alleys.

Despite their spirit, the Bogside soon fell to the Allies, but only after Allied Reservists from Ireland were allowed across the border to try and restore order. Surrounded, tired from three days of fighting, and hungry, the Bogsiders and the marchers surrendered. It was only when the riots that had been sparked nationwide went into their second day did Geneva realize what kind of monster it had unleashed.

Presently, the rioters that have spread across Ireland are typically poor, out of work youths who see the Allies as the source of their discontent. Catholic marches for civil rights and protestant marches for protection have slowly congealed into anti-Allied rallies that turn into heavy-handed battles between the marchers on one-side and PKs (Or worse, Legion Security) on the other. Molotov cocktails have become so common that the sale of gasoline has been restricted, and anyone chipping away at masonry is immediately detained if they aren't part of a work crew. There doesn't even have to be a march, all anyone needs to start a riot in Crossmaglen anymore is an arrest, some shouting, and angry men and women. The Peacekeepers in Northern Ireland have had to call in extra riot agents, leaving dozens in Northern Ireland covered in GOOP and ripe for arrest, martyrs to the Allies and their rush for "peace".

Indeed, the Allies appear to have solved all the problems of Northern Ireland at once. When asked what he wanted most, a young Catholic answered, "the Allies gone, so we can unite Ireland". When asked the same question, a young protestant answered, "getting rid of the Allies so we can preserve who we are." Yes, truly Northern Ireland is united against the Allies.

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