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Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Infiltrator
Construction Time
Unit Type Infiltrator
Produced at Training Grounds
Ability Living Mirror: Creates an Temporary Illusionary Double of the Saboteur
Heroic Upgrade Overwhelming: Doubles of the Saboteur last for longer.
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Argentinathumb.gif Villas Miseria through Argentina
Trained at File:Federationlogothumb.gif School of the Americas
Key Features » Running Shoes
» LUMOS Experimental Backpack
» Cybersol Headset
» Heavy duty generator
» Hoodie hides identity

"Name's Peres. Peres...troika"
"- Saboteur, being an awful liar"

Tactical Analysis

  • Catch me if you can: Saboteurs are the Infiltrators of the Federation, they cannot rely on stealth and are completly unarmed, they have, however, another trick under their sleeve.
  • Me's an Army: Thanks to a "favor" from the Rapa Nui Technological Innovators, the Saboteurs possess an experimental projector that allows them to cast LUMOS projections that are mirror images of themselves, who ideally should be distracting the enemy while the real Saboteur goes on his bussiness.
  • Death Sentence: It can't be remarked enough that Saboteurs are unarmed, and as such any firefight they might find themselves in may be their last, not even mentioning the dangers of being subjected by artillery barrage or bombardment.
  • He did it! No, HE did it!: Saboteurs who've gotten enough experience with their backpacks learn the best timings to use it without overloading them, as such, they can start using them in a more aggresive manner, allowing them to create more and quicker copies with them.


International Thief. The mere concept of it sounds enticing, somehow, glamorous even. At least, as long as you don’t see the crook apprehended at the entrance of the Airport, a pathetic sly man being carried to a life behind the bars. But the truth is, it does take a very special kind of person to make it to the international scene. It does take a very particularly unique brand of both valiant, clever and a little naïve to try to live at the expenses of others on lands beyond those you call your home.

Dictatorships tend to be the type of situations that breed these types of people. Political repression, persecution, widespread insecurity and resource shortages tend to bring out the worst of every person, be it out of desperation or just because they can take advantage of the circumstances. Delinquency either swells up or is brutally diminished, as it had happened in the twin nations that are Chile and Argentina. Regardless of the end result though, some parallels do happen, repression leads to only the best, most cunning, skilled and brave thieves manage to make it out and live to tell the tale, becoming experts, so to say, on the subject. While on the other hand you simply manage to get more skilled, better thieves simply because there’s more out there and numbers tell that someone will stand out among the rest out of sheer natural talent.

These people will eventually be found by the kingpins of the criminal rings, earn their favor, maybe they’ll like their style, do them some particular favor or simply had their lucky day, regardless of the cause however, they’ll have a special mission for them. They can make it big, it’s said, overseas, they’ll manage to earn much more in this particular business, know exotic locales while they are there and, hey, things can’t be as bad as they are back in the homecountry, right? What is there to lose?

The first weeks will be harsh, getting used to a completely new place, these are not the alleys you know, the streets you ran through so many times, is the judicial system the same here? There won’t be any familiar faces to count on anymore in these lands. The bounty here however is greater, and you’re on a mission, can’t stand back now, doubts are for dead men after all.

A few will quickly fail, as with any dangerous venture, but a surprisingly larger amount of them will make it large, (in)fame and fortune will await the bold ones with quick fingers and a good eye for unguarded possessions. “Don’t mind them, that’s their culture”, some will say, and they may be right, but you don’t mind, you know better. It’s all part of the game, and they are nothing but potential victims. After all, you’re far away from your kin, and you’re actually managing to make it big time in a new, brave world.

Sooner or later, you’ll be caught, an unseen detector in an unwanted place, a particularly fit law officer, maybe you simply crossed the wrong person. Regardless, this is the end of the line. You’ll be judged and deported, unwelcome in the country you inhabited for who knows how many years and waiting for a long sentence in the homeland you left so many years ago.

There may be another option however. This old land of yours has changed, the faces you see are different, yet familiar. It’s the new land of opportunities they say, and everyone has a chance for redemption in a nation that’s looking for everyone’s help to be made safe and secure for the people who’d been repressed for so long. You don’t know how to react to these changes, but you’re not left many options to do so anyways. There’s some new people in charge and want to have a… personal discussion with you.

There may be another way, they say. Your records can be cleared, your misdeeds forgotten, if you’re willing to do just one thing for them. There’s a war, an unseen war ongoing and your nation needs you. The people are arming themselves, and the government has given them its blessing. You, however, have very particular skills, skills that these people may need. There’s many dangers out there and someone with quick fingers and a more malleable sense of justice may be just the kind of people they need. You’ll be pardoned, yes, but first they’ll need you to do one last job for them. Take that precious trinket, that foreign object, do what you know to do best, but this time, do it for your nation.

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