Sea Lion

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Sea Lion/Lobo de Mar
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Naval Scout
Construction Time
Unit Type Animal
Produced at Anchorage
Ability Lay Detector: Provides Line of Sight of a marked unit.
Heroic Upgrade Infectious: Gains afterburn tag.
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Coastal Cities of the Federation
Trained at File:Chilelogothumb.gif Escuela Naval, Valparaiso
Key Features » Specialized Training
» Cybersyn Tracker
» Well Developed Mane
» Bad Breath
» Worse Temperament

"What the hell did you say about our program, you damned dumbwit? I'll have you know that this project has been qualified as a top class Navy Sea-lion training program, and it has been involved in countless raids against right wing guerrillas all throughout the Southern Cone, having over 3000 confirmed kills. They are being sent right now in an exchange program to Guinea to be trained in Gorilla Warfare and they are the top Marine Mammal training program in the world. You are nothing to us but another target. We can wipe the heck out of your face from the Earth with a pinpoint accuracy beyond your pathetic imagination, Mark. My Words. You think you can stay safe spewing bile against my program while staying far from the Sea? Well, think again, boy. As I write this response I am contacting my secret network of agents all across the Federation and your T-Syn is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing that you call your life. You're goddamn dead kid. We can be anywhere, at any time, and our Sea Lions are trained to kill in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with the training balls. Not only are they extensively trained in unarmed combat, but have access to the entire naval arsenal of the Federal Navy and can use it to the full extent if it means we can wipe your misserable ass off the face of this continent, you little bastard. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your damned tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will bring fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re damn dead, kiddo."

"Thank you for your letter"

Response to a letter to the editor of "Sea Mammal Monthly."- April 1969

Tactical Analysis

  • The Lion of the Seas: The Sea Lion is the Marine Naval Scout of the Federation, while also capable of transporting itself over land, it's lack of mobility on the surface makes it much better suited for naval combat, much like the Riot Dog is better suited for Ground Combat.
  • Danger! Not a domestic animal: The Sea Lion excells at its role as an Animal Scout, not only can swiftly move through the waters detecting potential infiltrators, but it's got a powerful attack against infantry units and, as if that weren't enough, has a small radious where they can transmit Cybersyn signal.
  • Cybernetic Submariner: side from the naturally portable cybersyn transmitter it possesses, it can also provide another unit with a transmitter, this one, when attached to an enemy unit, can even provide the line of sight of the unsuspecting unit while still powering your teletanks!.
  • As if it didn't smell bad enough before: Sea Lions do nothing but grow even more ferocious and smellier as they get old, and the Federation has deemed this as an useful feature, rarely treating any bucal infections they may posses, as such, when a veteran Sea Lion attacks an enemy unit, the pain can have a lasting effect.


As things calmed down in the Federation and the reconstruction process began in earnest, something became patently clear within the nascent State: There were still many forces conspiring to take down the government of the people, groups that worked day and night and wouldn’t rest until they could see the Cybernetic dream crushed and burnt under the banner of their own ideology.

This problem became particularly great in the coastal territories of the Federation, where many smugglers could work undeterred and bring their grim cargo to keep seeding the chaos and mistrust amongst the people of this newborn Federation.

The coast was just too big, too long to be completely vigilated, Patrol Boats could do just so much, something had to be done to remedy this situation, someone who could keep a constant watch on the beaches and the desolate creeks, someone that would rise no suspiciousness yet could quickly jump to the action as soon as the signals were clear.

What they needed in this moment were: Sea Lions

The Sea Lion, a common sight in the coasts of most of South America, was the perfect candidate for the new role the Federation sought of a proper animal scout for their coasts, already accustomed to the conditions and, indeed, an ever present sight on rock formations, rocky beaches and most coastal cities and towns, the Sea Lion presented the perfect combination of inconspicuous while ferocious that the Cyberbolivarians sought, they only needed a proper training to fully reach the extent of their capacities.

Though not possessing as much of the intelligence or capacities that the United Pods of the Allies provided, the Sea Lions were still found quite capable and able to perform their duties with enough training, being taught to follow suspects from a significant distance until they could make sure their cause was indeed an illicit one, their aggressiveness was thus encouraged, as most locals were aware that these animals were naturally dangerous anyways, despite what unsuspecting tourists may believe when seeing people nonchalantly interacting with these temperamental mammals on a daily basis.

It was through this way that the Sea Lions too became an integral part of the Cyberbolivarian program, now a common sight on coastal cities, Cybersyn transmissions have been made frequently to make the people of the Federation aware of the newfound role of these marine animals, as well as providing basic tips on their training and what to do and not do when confronted with one, of course, not everything is said about the program to keep a degree of efficiency against infiltrators and detractors, yet the initiative to provide the people with the basic care and needs of their new marine protectors seems to have provided nothing but benefits.

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