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Commonwealth Tender

Tactical Analysis

  • Tender Feelings: Technically a ship instead of a structure, the Tender is how the Frontier Corps ensures its ships can be where they need to.
  • Sail Away: Unlike other shipyards, the Tender is able to pack up and move across the waters to a better position to redeploy.


"Mara, it has been three weeks since our ship left for the coast of Somalia, and I already feel my heart breaking. I can see your face, watching as I sailed out. I know that being with child isn't easy, but you do have my mother to help around the house of course. As much as she likes to be involved, she still loves you and our boy. You know she means well after all.

The new orders have come in, meaning we're finally leaving this forsaken African coast. The men aboard have asked to put into port in Saudi Arabia for leave, but command has turned them down. Saudi Arabia's GLA cells are still active in the city and we're barred from entering there, and I can't risk their lives simply because they're tired. Discipline will be difficult to maintain until we reach Mumbai, but I feel that convincing command Oman will be safer should allow the men to release some stress. If not, well, I'm sure we can find some GLA ships to handle in the gulf for them to work their frustrations out on.

For myself, I feel that we are finally finding a way to move ahead of every other naval force in the world. No longer are ships tethered to their ports and running tenders. Now the shipyards can move with the battle, and send their ships out with the knowledge that they will succeed. When the government approached us, the shipping captains with nothing to ship and waiting to put in at Alang, and told us to crew moving shipyards? Maybe some of the others felt out of their depth as it were, but the money they offered was too much for me to turn away for our family.

I will be home in two months time, darling. Keep our home well, and know that I always have a picture of you nearby."

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