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  • * [[:Category:Buildings|Buildings]]
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  • === Buildings === All Combine buildings are Towers: huge, hulking behemoths, quite literally skyscrapers on treads.
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  • ...s used by the Guild, the Guild MICV has three initial building tabs. 2 for buildings, and 1 for defenses. ===Buildings===
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  • indicate severe structural damage, whereas most units do not need that. Buildings that transform, such as the MCV, will require a lot of planning to get righ '''Unclassified Objects:''' Anything else, such as projectiles and civilian buildings, follow the basic limitations for the other models, though projectiles tend
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  • ...ombination of futuristic, American old west, and Australian settlement for buildings. Blocky, angular shape for vehicles, rust common for vehicles. ...he same way as Los Angeles, with Japanese architecture shoving away native buildings. The economy suffered as it was exploited to pay for Japan's war and its em
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  • [[Category:Buildings]]
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  • ...lash Pulse (Prematurely unleashes charge, depiloting vehicles and clearing buildings without damaging them) ...get at long ranges. It is equally effective against vehicles, defences, or buildings, though it lacks the ability to target infantry.
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  • '''Strengths''': Strong economy, Fast units, Second Chance mechanic, All buildings revert into units (and vice-versa). ..., Ecumenical, and Protectorate horrors was found eating holes in Mongolian buildings, and it serves the Mongolians in the same way. packed tightly into safe con
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  • |This upgrade will make the Typhoon's shells deal more damage against buildings and static defenses. ...lace a large radio aerial on top of your fortification, enabling units and buildings to be sighted in the fog of war as blips, which can be targeted by artiller
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  • an Allied Engineer's medical tent or the facilities provided by Combine buildings, they are relatively cheap and can be placed anywhere on the battlefield.
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  • ...ams, turret operators on the border, or even sentries for vital government buildings in their operations area.
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  • ...other factions, the Field Technician is capable of repairing and capturing buildings for your side. They also serve as defensive support for your infantry units ...ides using various tools and equipment, they are also able to repair your buildings from the outside, but they seem to take longer on both jobs then normal eng
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  • |style="background:#f9f9f9; color:black; "| Navy weaker than the rest, buildings have paper-thin armour, weak superweapons ...tead be a collection of cranes and other heavy machinery just to construct buildings.
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  • ...their timer goes down and explodes, for great damage against vehicles and buildings.
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  • ...rate enemy buildings from a distance, allowing them to infiltrate multiple buildings over time instead of just one. While they take time to recharge after a job ...hough they lack the equipment necessary for breaking into and infiltrating buildings, the Heroes that choose to fight in battle are a deadly combination of spee
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  • ...g their attack from the exertion. When entrenched in closed transports and buildings, the Ordinators will use their shotguns against incoming infantry.
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  • ...ress know, the Android Automatons are used as security guards in important buildings such as banks and embassies, living works of still-life ready to intervene
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  • ...y possible supply from bullets to booze, the supply officers who run these buildings typically find a way to make their own money on the side by selling their w
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  • ...with sikh soldiers given German-surplus grenades to use on enemy occupied buildings that would tear their fellow soldiers to shreds.
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  • ...ful area damage weapons, durable units and buildings, strong economy, most buildings have an attack. |style="background:#f9f9f9; color:black; "| Buildings construct slowly, units and defenses are inaccurate and prone to cause coll
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  • [[Category:Buildings]]
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  • ...or infiltrators to still shut down the power or for engineers to seize the buildings should they manage to get inside these mysterious facilities.
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  • ...t Jungle; eugenically modified carnivorous sundews may be seeded in ruined buildings, thick terrain, or shallow waters to guard nearby areas from scouting anima ...fest the filtration and ventilation systems of enemy civilian and military buildings, leading to high amounts of illness, infection, and often closure or condem
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  • === Buildings === All Combine buildings are Towers: huge, hulking behemoths, quite literally skyscrapers on treads.
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  • ...ants tearing tanks apart, and ravens with cameras swarming around certain buildings in the minds of opposing factional civilians, the fears created in said pop ...r the widespread seeding of thorned kudzu to choke entire acres of ground, buildings, and vehicles in thick foliage to divert manpower and resources, prevent mo
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  • ...t ruins and historical towns are enclosed in preserved locations while new buildings and cities are constructed around them. By night, CBURA agents play elabora
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  • ...ometimes even new) latin jazz, swing, or ranchero song to emanate from the buildings nearby. Even the clothing is old, men and women alike with three piece busi ...idea of their nature; these are various manufacturing jobs, companies and buildings that have been transferred to small, rural communities to provide income in
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  • ...██████████ militia responsible for attacks on civilian buildings. '''WARNING:''' HARTNETT reported KIA in his own home as a result of letha
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  • ...for the 90mm mortar attached to it is designed to smash apart defenses and buildings at close range. In addition, smoke grenade dispensers on both sides fire wh ...''', a machine that could smash apart trench lines, turrets, and fortified buildings alike while transporting up to six infantry to and from combat hotspots.
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  • against any unit on the ground, though are markedly ineffective against buildings.
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  • only their build radii (like the Confederate Construction Truck, other buildings cannot be placed inside these radii). These structures, generally tectonic == Units and Buildings ==
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  • ...cluster bomb, filled with anti-tank bomblets that devastate a whole area. Buildings aren’t especially damaged, and infantry are barely affected at all. While
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  • ...fertile recruiting grounds. Trained in makeshift urban camps in abandoned buildings or taken outside the sprawl to be taught more advanced skills away from pry == Units & Buildings ==
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  • ==Units and Buildings== ...e just as capable in their role as any first world counterpart, blowing up buildings and digging trenches as the best of them.
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  • ...n their own, and fast. Fighting in densely packed streets and alleys, some buildings just need to be brought down. Experimenting out in the countryside, the Fro
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  • ...n, the religious of the North celebrated with everyone else when the final buildings were opened at last in 1968. Then the Syndicate pulled their protection awa
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  • ...r. Anyone who works willingly for Straylight is intimidated and beaten, as buildings belonging to the company are burned. Straylight, already reeling from tryin
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  • ...leave the area, lest they face consequences for their stubbornness. Entire buildings, pubs, and apartments being barricaded and garrisoned in case that Fowl wil
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  • ...nected. To think that the scorpion graffiti on the burnt shells of torched buildings is mere coincidence, to believe that Unionist activity in New Jersey is a m ...mortar strikes wherever someone is in spotting range, forcing vehicles and buildings to a standstill.</font>
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  • |upgrade=<font color=white> Rektdozer (can damage enemy buildings by ramming towards them)</font>
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  • == Ecumenical Observation Force Units & Buildings == |The Ecumene has a rather novel approach to destroying buildings, this hovercraft deploys an airborne drone that can whip up the winds in a
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  • ...Servicemen can join on the efforth to accelerate the construction of these buildings. Servicemen are free to build structures anywhere, but buildings will be severely underpowered until a source of power is built nearby.
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  • '''Nobody here but us boulders and buildings:''' Since the Modrauder is a large target after all, not to mention it is, ...t work of most vehicles in the base (and dealt some considerable damage to buildings there) as the tunnel rats are on their way to demolish those that were alre
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  • effectiveness against heavy armor, such as can be found on vehicles or buildings. The secret, other than sheer length; is an ad hoc armor piercing discardi
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  • ...n are not to be underestimated. The shrapnel shells in any mode degarrison buildings. ===Buildings===
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  • ...ermite rockets donated to them by the KGB, the Veritas can instantly clear buildings to dust. Due to the scarcity of these weapons, they have to wait an agonizi
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  • ...dy terrain, depending on the severity of the strike. This doesn't apply to buildings, garrisoned units, or Arabian units though. ==Units & Buildings==
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  • ...lizes a potent hard-light ray to strike at vehicles and to a lesser degree buildings. Though certainly more specialized than say; a Javelin or Flak trooper, th
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  • ...ective hopper balloons, the Balloon Brigade takes care of the capitalists' buildings by shooting them with their cluster grenade launchers.
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  • to attack, drastically cutting down it's ability to destroy tanks and buildings until it shifts modes.
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