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A sweet Colleen.
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Anti-vehicle/Anti-air
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Switch Satchel charge/SAM (Activate anti-armor/anti-air attack)
Heroic Upgrade Learning curve (Replaces satchel with RPG; Instant lock-on for SAM)
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin Derry
Trained/Produced at Derry Students Civil Rights Association
Key Features » Satchel charges (x3)
» SAM Launcher
» Leather jacket
» Pleated skirt
» Frightening anger

Tactical Analysis

  • They call it a Kashmir pattern shoulder bag: The Front's only real solution to the Allied and Syndicate mechanized forces, the Specials are young woman who have volunteered to take on what is possibly the most dangerous mission the Front can imagine.
  • Lights in the sky: Using the few man-portable SAMs the Confederates could spare, the Specials are also capable of putting up a fight against enemy helicopters, though faster aircraft are out of their reach.
  • Don't bury me in a field of harps and shamrocks: Despite their clear ability, the specials are unable to effectively fight infantry like the rest of the Front, and enemy defenses are essentially brick walls.
  • Graduated: Eventually, the most experienced specials decide that satchels aren't enough, and start to utilize any RPG they can find. They also manage to make the adjustments necessary to their SAMs that allow them to fire on enemy fixed-wing aircraft.


"I have a present for you guys!"

- The note in an unknown box apparently gifted to an Allied outpost. It turned out to be a bomb that killed most of the Peacekeepers stationed there.

Irish women are scary when angry. It's a truth, from mothers turning their children and husbands into sobbing puddles of guilt to girlfriends and sweethearts who aren't afraid to voice what they're thinking when their man does wrong. You would think that the Allies and Syndicate would've considered this fact when the riots and fighting started anew in Ireland, but some people just don't learn. After the initial riots in Derry and Belfast the Allies cracked down hard on the areas of the cities suspected of harboring sympathizers to the Front's cause. What they neglected to take into account was that students across Northern Ireland would become agitated in the wake of such actions. Wanting to do more, these students began to reach out to the Front hoping to actually do more than march and talk.

Though easily accepting the male students, the dozens of woman applying struck the Front with a quandary. Though willing to let them fight alongside them, the Front was running out of rifles and other weapons to supply them with. Contacting their new buyers in America, the Confederates were more than willing to swap Front weapons for a shipment of SAM missiles. Though pleased, these fiery young women wanted to do more; they wanted to take on the enemy's vehicles.

They reasoned that since many though Ireland was still a "traditional" nation, that women would be able to effectively close without drawing too much attention. Carrying bags, baskets, even fake prams, the young women would be able to get within spitting distance of enemy vehicles, throw their weapons, and run like hell to avoid the blast. Desperate to try and fight off the enemy's superior vehicle skills, the Front relented.

Presently, the new "Specials" are training in how to rig their explosives and operate their missile launchers. Intelligent and willing, many of the older members of the Front have misgivings about putting young women in such dangerous situations. The women argue back that they have just as much to lose in Belfast if no one fights, maybe even more if the darker rumors about the owners of the sprawl turn out to be true. Not willing to face the anger of the women turned against them, the older leadership relented, and now the specials wait for their first missions.

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