Toki Battlesuit

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Toki Battlesuit/Traje de Batalla Toki
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation Anti-Vehicle
Construction Time
Unit Type Battlesuit
Produced at Training Grounds
Ability Lights on: Stuns nearby enemies for a moment.
Heroic Upgrade LUMOS Lights: Secondary damages enemies.
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Chilethumb.gif Maqui & Tosh Technological Innovations
Trained at File:Chilethumb.gif Institute of Technology, Temuco
Key Features » "Werküwe" Anti-tank Shoulder Mounted Missiles
» "Pengeldunguwe" Flashlights
» "Amuldunguwe" Communication Device
» "Adkintuweche" Cybersol Intercommunicator
» "Neologism and You: Mapudungun for a new Era" Consulting Manual

"Come at me Peñi!"
- Toki Battlesuit Driver taunting his enemies

Tactical Analysis

  • Chaguay Weichafe: The Toki Battlesuit is the heavy duty anti tank infantry of the Federation. The only indigenous Battlesuit design within their ranks, it's been built on a combination of Western and Mapuche design principles, favoring drivers with strength, self-discipline and valor.
  • Wingka Kareta Tralkatufe: As a Battlesuit, the Toki is uncrushable and being an anti-vehicle unit it's really not advisable to attempt to do that in the first place, indeed, trying to take the Toki Driver with a Sniper is the most advisable option.
  • Üinkëlen Mawidanche: In the case the Toki is found surrounded by infantry, units it'll have a difficult time dealing with, it can in a pinch activate the powerful flashlights it possesses, which in theory should blind most anyone trying to capture it. This action consumes lots of energy though, so it needs some time to rest between uses.
  • Trürem Déngu Pelongueln: Battlesuits who have proven to be worthy of bearing their name are further equipped with more delicate and advanced technology, chief amongst those is the installation of LUMOS Flashlights instead of their regular Flares, this time not only stunning but outright harming anyone who dare to step on their way.


CCCP.t-Syn-0928.scl 18:23:55 >entrada>ira>Toki>lista<

{Toki: Noun: Mapudungun: Mapuche leader during times of war. Warchief. Commander/Ceremonial Axe of Command/Axe}

{Toki Battlesuit: Experimental Combat Suit unveiled by the Federal Army during <redacted>, it's main features are <redacted> <redacted> CLASSIFIED}

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{Remember to print your weekly Food Coupon. Tradeable for Empanadas at most state sponsored food parlours. For more information make a query with the word FoodCouponProgram. This automated message was brought to you by Synco.

The Central Coordination Level wishes you a joyful day of solidarity, comradery and productivity!}

CCCP.t-Syn-0928.scl 19:33:47 >entrada>ira>CRZSR8.1066>lista<

{La Cruz del Sur, Saturday 8th October 1966

Strange Sightings in the Archipielago

Earlier last morning, various sightings were reported of a strange undefined fantastic object coursing erratically through the Archipelago, with reports from sightings coming chieftly from Chonchi, Quehui and Chelin amongst other locations.

Official statements from the Federal Government report that this was an experimental weather drone from Huemul Project being tested in the Archipelago, whose malfunctioning conditions finally led to its crash landing in Friendship Island.

Reports from members of the GAF on the surrounding area remain unconfirmed.}

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{Notice: For your own security, your search history shall be inspected by a Cybersyn Official. This automated message was brought to you by Synco.

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CCCP.t-Syn-0928.scl 21:48:33 >entrada>ira>70FFAA_HML_TK_13.0668SYNCOTMCO>lista<

{ Instituto de Tecnología de Temuco, 13 de Junio de 1968

The Temuco Institute of Technology is glad to announce the unveiling of the newest creation of the Maqui and Tosh Technological Firm to be announced this coming monday at 3 PM on the Lautaro Hall.

The Maqui and Tosh firm, founded by Thobias Bateman and Quitral Wenchumilla is a leader in technological developments in the field of Cybernetics and has been one of the foremost supporters of the Cybersyn project. This Monday, Thobias will be presenting the results of an investigation on the application of Cybernetics in the army.

Dr. Bateman has announced that the revelation will be related to the creation of an alternative to the cumbersome equipment currently being used as standard equipment for the soldiers of the nation.

To Confirm your assistance, please print the accompanying registration form and send it with your data to T-Syn 0987. }

>fin de búsqueda/22:05:11<

CCCP.t-Syn-0928.scl 23:15:58 >entrada>ira>INT_CSRN336923>lista<

{ El Ciseron, 7th January 1969

The Maqui & Tosh Firm. A former affiliate of Nike Steel Works located in Chile. Has filed for Bankrupcy amidst a storm of controversies after one of the founders was caught breaking terms of contract by trying to sell delicate state secrets of the southernly nation to a yet unknown third party. The Minister of Interior of Southern Cone has given no words yet, but it's thought that the firm is going to be purchased by the state in an aggresive move... }

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CCCP.t-Syn-0928.scl 00:20:12 >entrada>ira>CHLBATTLESUIT>lista<

{ The Maqui & Tosh Cooperative is the foremost expert in cybernetic enhancements created for civilian and industrial needs! Our experts can create a machine fit for your needs at a premium price. Ask for our deals with state affiliated bussiness for discount deals. Don't go to a Sprawl. Trust true Southern Cone Prouducts.

The Toki Battlesuit is our trademark product. Ask for state subsidies deals to outfit your own Vigilante branch with your own Battlesuit. Remember that by law each branch needs its own Battlesuit by 1/6/1970. Special deals with Indigenous Communities. Maqui & Tosh is a bussiness that cares for the consumer! }

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