Uoke Tank

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Uoke Tank
Faction FederationLogo.png Cybernetic Federation
Designation "Tank"
Construction Time
Unit Type Tank
Produced at Machine Shop
Ability EMP burst: Disables enemy vehicles, buildings, and battlesuits caught in an area.
Heroic Upgrade TBA
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Country of Origin File:Federationlogothumb.gif Hanga Roa Institute of Technology
Trained at File:Paraguaythumb.gif ?
Key Features » Tank-grade armor plating
» EMP-proof cybersyn antennae
» Complex remote control assembly
» S-54 76.2mm main gun (Puny)
» Decals (Various rude phrases and imagery)

"The first teletank that's an actual tank, eh? Well...it's bigger than a Beagle, at least."

-Confederate military observer.

Tactical Analysis

  • Automated for the People: The Uoke is the Main Battle Tank of the Federation, though having a respectable size and armour for a teletank, it is still extremely outmatched by most every other tank in existence, it makes up for that by being significantly cheaper, as well as much more maneuverable.
  • Disableist: Through little explained, certainly contradictory and rather obscure methods, the Uoke has somehow been adapted to produce EMP pulses that somehow don't seem to affect the machinery of the very teletank. Regardless of the contradictory nature of its origin, it can change the tide of a battle when used in a timely manner.
  • My Little Panzer: It can't be said enough that the Uoke is, above anything else, a teletank, it's meant to flank and maneuver around enemies, it won't stand in a fair fight against enemies for long.
  • Vintage Collection: As people Pilot Uokes onto more and more battles, they get more used to the controls, soon enough they learn how to get better and faster responses from their teletanks, meaning that they'll know how to make them fire faster, amongst other things.

Unit Background

All things said, being a geek is not a very encouraging prospect inside the Federation, aside from the teasing received from the less intellectually inclined, they also have to live with the fact that, as much as it may project itself as a beacon of cybernetic progress and a center for technological advances in Latin America, the truth is that the cybernetic government leaves much to be desired.

Far from the fantastic gameplay one can get from Syndicated gaming systems or the almost legendary portable games of the Empire that sometimes manage to make the rounds when smuggled into the ports of Valparaiso, whatever little the Federation offers in terms of entertainment is rather mediocre, Cybersyn after all is meant more for rapid communication and the free flow of information, it's not a tool to be employed by the idle and those who have nothing better to do.

Most often than not, they end up contenting themselves with the use of bootlegs that are but a pathetic parody of the originals, built by desperate if technically savvy people on their free time as side jobs from the titanic work that means working with Cybersyn, while certainly having the know how from having to operate a gigantic computer almost daily, they have simply no ways in which they'll ever hope to replicate the technical capacities of the computers from the real giants of computing in the world, at least not without stealing a complete building for the sake of their trivial endeavours.

What they've managed to content themselves with however, is a rather distinct hobby that also lets them employ their technological knowledge onto something they can enjoy: Control Remote Car Racing.

Telecommunications technologies being one of the real fields in which the Federation may have surpassed the rest of the world, this form of racing has created a large underground community of enthusiasts that reunite every weekend to use their wits and present their latest inventions to see who can make the best, fastest vehicle with the spare resources they can manage to scrounge, unsurprisingly, many of these enthusiasts happen to form part of the Vigilante Force, meaning that it's not rare to see them using military grade technology when trying to outwit their opponents, this has had another repercussion however, in that the government started to realize they had a hidden potential in here.

With the teletank technology having made their debut in the 30s and having been adopted in the Federation in the midst of the Chilean War, the main problem that has often presented itself with this recently readopted technology was the lack of skilled operators, controls would often jam and teletanks would frequently be found irresponsive, something terrible if it were to happen in the middle of a battle, it was realized however that the competitors in this underground circuit often struggled with these very same problems and frequently came up with solutions to these problems, solutions that always ended up making their rounds up into the military spheres to be applied on the battlefield.

Eventually, it was decided to simply cut the middleman in this process and, making a call for the youth of the nation to serve the government that provided them with their toys, to serve their time in the Vigilante Force as Teletank Operators and, what's more, let them come up with their own design of a proper teletank to be made with their own knowledge.

Of course, allowing a bunch of amateurs to design a tank without prior experience was but certain to be met with failure but, as surprising as it may seem, they actually managed to come up with a design that was decent enough as to be field tested. Armoured, as a tank should be they said, the Uoke prides itself as the only purpose built teletank amongst the Vigilante Force's arsenal, equipped with an experimental EMP pulsor that somehow doesn't affect the machine, courtesy of the Hanga Roa Institute of Technology that patronized the initiative, the Uoke as it was christened by them now makes the rounds with the very same pilots that designed it, being one of the newest additions to the Vigilante Force, as well as a really cool real life sized remote control car to use in races when no one's looking.

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