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The Dump

AlliedLogo.png This citizen strives to bring about world unity as the Allied Nations.
SovietLogo.png This comrade liberates the oppressed as the Soviet Union.
EmpireLogo.png This warrior is fighting for the divine destiny of the Empire of the Rising Sun.
ConfederateLogo.png This patriot is fighting for America as a soldier of the Confederate Revolutionaries.
ChinaLogo.png This clone seeks vengeance for the Atomic Kingdom of China.
TalonLogo.png This squire fights for the Lord God with the Order of the Talon.
SyndicateLogo.png This executive is making profits in the Mediterranean Syndicate.
ProtectorateLogo.png This command node seeks to bring about the Pure State with the Electrical Protectorate.
ARVNLogo.png This ranger kicks Viet Cong asses with the ARVN.
ReserveLogo.png This reservist is in service with the Allied Reservists.
BlueChinaLogo.png This nationalist fights for the remnants of Blue China.
RedChinaLogo.png This red guard has survived the nuclear fallout as part of the Red China.
GLALogo.png This rebel is engaged in a jihad with the GLA
VietcongLogo.png This victor charlie is hiding underground with the Vietcong.
IntIncLogo.png This shareholder is engaged in arms dealing as part of International, Incorporated.
BlackHandLogo.png This brother causes despair and chaos with the Cult of the Black Hand.
CombineLogo.png This futurist aims to ignite the torches of Knowledge and Utopia with the Technocratic Combine.
IndustryLogo.png This chief is fighting the oppression of the Pahits as a commander of the Industrial Guild.
SouthernContingentLogo.png This outlaw is surviving in the Australian frontier with the Southern Contingent.
Commonwealth.png This sepoy is aiding in the expansion of the lands of the Greater Indian Commonwealth
MIRLogo.png This machetero aims to start the Worldwide Revolution with the MIR.
NetworkLogo.png This True Believer (TM) is seeking out The Truth (TM) along with The Network.
PhoenixLogo.png This volunteer is fighting in the Belfast Sprawl with the Phoenix Front.
link= Coalition This ghazi fights for modernization and progress that will be brought to the Middle East by the Arabian Coalition.
link= Dictatoriat This trooper fights against Guild and communist rebels for the Pahit Dictatoriat.
FederationLogo.png This recruit fights for the cyber-bolivarian aspirations of the Cybernetic Federation.
link= Socialist Government This immortal fights for a socialist uprising by the Arabian Socialist Government.