Wild Geese

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Wild Geese
Wild Geese.png
Fresh from Rhode Island
Faction PhoenixLogo.png Phoenix Front
Designation Anti-Battlesuit/Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Armor
Construction Time
Unit Type Infantry
Produced at Pub
Ability Equip LAW/Grenade Launcher (Anti-Armor/Anti-Vehicle attack)
Heroic Upgrade Mercenary (Gains percentage of cost for every destroyed enemy)
Dev. Status Conceptual

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Place of Origin United States
Trained/Produced at Confederate Freedom Guard
Key Features » Red beret
» Campaign patches (Rhodesia, Rhode Island)
» LAW Rocket Launcher
» EX-41 Grenade Launcher
» Flirtatious personality

Tactical Analysis

  • Here to fight monsters: Men who have come back from America, the Wild Geese are the Front's most experienced members when it comes to one simple task; the destruction of vehicles with their grenade launchers, and the destruction of tanks with their LAWs, which they can switch instantly at any time.
  • Goose hunt: Despite being experienced fighters, the Wild Geese lack any real anti-infantry weapons, and like nearly every other part of the Front they're horrifyingly vulnerable to aircraft.
  • Paid to die, and kill: The best of the Wild Geese have managed to make contacts with certain individuals who would be more than happy to pay for every Guardian tank destroyed and every Sisyphus wrecked.


"Now then, let's go and die like mangy dogs. Let's die while yelling "Feck! Feck!" as we take gut shots. As we writhe in agony."

- Pip Bernadotte, leader of the Wild Geese, before a battle.

The Irish have a long, long, long, LONG (Did we mention it's long?) history of failed rebellion. From the initial English invasions in the Middle Ages to the Easter Rising of 1916, the Irish weren't so much a problem for the English as they were a minor annoyance. This typically meant that the revolutionaries that didn't get killed or captured were exiles from their homes across the world, typically in Catholic countries like France, Spain, and Mexico. When the ARV started to roam the streets or the North and the Syndicate "pacified" Belfast, the "Wild Geese" took flight once more. Only now they're come back.

Armed with loaned anti-tank rocket launchers and a supply of EX 41 grenade launchers won from the Amazons in a contest of drinking, the Wild Geese have returned to Ireland in the hope that they can aid in the fight against the people who saw them driven out. The Front considers them incredibly valuable, which is why they're so rare in the Front's common battlegrounds; every brigade wants them in their area. The Allies and Syndicate both consider the Wild Geese vital targets in fighting the Front, since they carry the weapons that could allow the Front easier victories in their street battles when vehicles come into consideration. As armored as the ARV chassis is, it stands almost no chance against a squad of Wild Geese firing at once against it.

Being the most traveled of the Front, the Wild Geese also have seen the most strange and bizarre parts of the world. They carry back stories of Allied experimental weapons in America, and of the dirty underside of Las Vegas and Silicon Valley. Most troubling, they've informed the Front's leadership of some organization dressing like religious and killing men who oppose them. Unsure who they're dealing with, the Front's commanders have since decided that they need to tread lightly to avoid stepping into a world they're not fully aware of yet. Meanwhile, the Wild Geese serve as a vital link between the Confederacy and the Front. The Front funnels guns and other scavenged weapons to America thanks to the contacts of the Wild Geese, and the Confederates supply money, explosives, and heavier weapons that the Front can't afford on its own. Weapons that make the Front into a suddenly dangerous opponent who once believed themselves invincible against "common men".

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